They look neater and cleaner than newspapers do, and it is very easy to replace them. I’m very familiar with the space issues that arise as a reptile collection starts to grow.There are dozens of different types of shelves and tubs you could use, and you’ll just have to take some measurements and head down to your local home improvement store to find the best solution. Some enthusiasts are passionate about creating an exact copy of the species’ If you are one of these people, you may want to consider using a A bioactive substrate should be able to hold moisture and air, thereby providing a habitat for beneficial Another issue with this type of substrate is moisture – since bioactive substrate needs to be moist in order to preserve its functions, you will need to monitor the terrarium humidity more carefully to ensure it won’t exceed desirable levels.In all vivariums, decorative elements are not there just for the looks – they provide There are several essentials for bearded dragon tanks.

I just got my baby bearded dragon today who I named Oscar. It is always a pleasure to know that our articles are helpful This article was very helpful – thank you! Learn more about this on our affiliate disclosure. Her 2 lovely leos, Sonya and Mia are 15 and 14 years old. It is important that they are of the same size, and that they come from same or very similar habitats. It is also harder to keep clean and can cause unwanted microbe buildup, which increases the risk for diseases.If you still decide to use sand in your cage despite all the risks, you will have to take out the soiled parts every day, and also have to change it completely about once per month. Katarina is an environmental analyst and she has been involved with herpetology researches. Wondering about what kind of tank, lighting, heating or substrate to use in your bearded dragon enclosure? I have been trying to find larger enclosures for the dragons and a shelving system to put them all on. A full grown adult might do well if there are two or more basking spots and correct temperatures. However, in case the temperature gets lower than 70°F in your “dragon room”, you should get an Undertank heaters are more suited for this purpose than ceramic bulb heaters because it is a more natural type of heating for nighttime. We found that over the years that with co-habitation the main issue to avoid is the bearded dragons having to fight over resources. It is more affordable to try to find a DIY-style plastic tank.Let’s face it – building a big glass tank, or buying a large pre-made plastic enclosure of 100 gallons or more can get expensive.For those of you who dislike plastic, like DIY projects, or simply want to save money, By construction, wooden tanks are similar to plastic ones. They are However, vinyl is not perfect.

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Also, although they are solitary animals, many videos show several beardies happily living together.However, things are not as straightforward as it may seem at first.So, with all the different options and dilemmas flying around the web, you may wonder I’ve summed up the best resources on the topic, so you can give your pet the setup he deserves.Bearded dragons come from hot, arid areas of Australia, where vegetation is scarce, and the ground is mostly in the form of dry, hardened soil, rock and some loose soil and sand. Her 2 lovely leos, Sonya and Mia are 15 and 14 years old. She's been keeping reptiles for 15 years, mostly different species of turtles and leopard geckos. With this in mind, let’s shed a light on a couple of issues lurking if you intend to use a glass tank only. She's been keeping reptiles for 15 years, mostly different species of turtles and leopard geckos. There are plenty of options when it comes to the type of tank, substrate, and decorations, and a couple of options for lighting.You can combine what suits your taste and needs as long as you watch out for basic needs and safety of your beardie.

We just got our dragon a month ago, and your articles are helping us to learn how to take good care of her. The climbing behavior is also observed in their natural habitats. But what you need to know for now is that all that bearded dragons require is access to sunlight in a secured, Because beardies tend to get messy, and also to avoid issues with sand impaction, the recommendation to feed them in a specially-designated With moving your pet to another cage for feeding, the stress of changing environment practically repeats itself over and over again.

Besides being a loose substrate which carries a risk for The answer to the wood shavings dilemma is quite simple: Vinyl tiles have become a popular option for terrariums. Another convenience that the pet market has to offer are specially designed Some resources express their concern about using caves and other types of cover for bearded dragons. They are most commonly used in juvenile tanks.Sand is the most debated substrate when it comes to desert vivarium containing lizards.

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