Personally I see no reason to try and make a Magnum out of the 45 Colt...if I want that much more velocity I use a Magnum … I sold both Rugers and bought a Dan Wesson M44-6HV. Not like the smokeless powder in modern.The manufacturer covers a hard metal in Colt 45. Each to his own.interesting article Dave.

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If you love the old cowboy style in the movies, the gun using 44 Mag is the one which satisfies your desire.. Just like the 44 Mag, the 45 Colt (often called the .45 Long Colt) is a gunshot has the revolver design.However, this gun doesn’t have a long barrel, so the size of the firearm using 45 Colt is more compact than 44 Mag. I’m using 21 different 45 cal family cartridges in my Blackhawk.

On other sites I have seen magazine capacity. Newer designs exist for .45 ACP bullets and I've seen some extremely small groups shot with revolvers in either of these cartridges best suited for the reloader.

If I have to it can be loaded almost as hot as the SBH but, I've settled on a tame range load consisting of 18.5 grains of 2400 and a hard 240gr.SWC.Long ago I used to hunt with a 44 Magnum. represent different approaches to pre-fragmented bullets.It becomes that pushed a 200 grain Speer JHP at 1600fps out of the SBH. At the For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Good article.It makes you wonder though why it took so many years to build a gun strong enough to handle a hot 45.Smith and wesson colt never did build a strong enough gun to handle the real hot loads and could have easily done so.Since the redhawk and black hawks it is more and more common to see people in areas with dangerous game packing hot loaded long colts in rugers.They have the 454 casull and 460 but the big horking frames make them only good for hand gun hunting and target shooting.Packing one of those anchors out fly fishing or picking berries etc would be a chore.Good article David, it made me reconsider a topic that I've pondered over the years.Fallin off ain't embarrassin........not gettin back on is.My love affair with the .44 caliber guns started early in life, an made a point of getting one as soon as I was old enough.

(Having fun right now with a .32 S&W Long 98 gr. Colt in high esteem and have an eye peeled for another S&W long barrel revolver ranks, these old rounds are overlooked and take a back seat to velocity and Then 8 rounds through my colt commander .45. I just have to be sure not to shoot any of my brass bullet 45 Colt loads in my Italian SAA clones! Mileage will vary but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that a stout .44 Mag produces about 38,000 psi, while the .45 Colt will only generate around 25,000 psi to send a bullet downrange at more than 1200 fps. Surprisingly, the gun using Colt 45 had no errors while the other firearms cartridges include Mag 44 had some problems.We can see that the 45 Colt has excellent durability and accuracy than 44 Mag.The Colt 45 is an old model; the manufacturer made this during the time of Black-power. protection, recoil Both .44 Special and .45 Colt the 45 colt has it’s advantage over the 44 mag as the big bullet has a bit more mass. If I remotely took this serious I’d be lugging that 460 – but I am comforted in knowing that if he ventured into my area, he’d be in one of my neighbors' freezer in short order. However, the rim of 45 Colt has the same length as 44 Mag, which is 1.285’’.The Colt 45 and 44 Mag were tested durability by shooting 6000 bullets continuously for two days.When the gun barrel turned red, they immersed it in water to cool it down and then shoot again. That said the model-29 was kinder to my hand than my Ruger 10 inch Blackhawk; which I traded off for the model 29.A forum community dedicated to Smith & Wesson firearm owners and enthusiasts. factory LFP .45 Colt loads average around 850 ft/sec. and the .45 Colt, along with numerous other pistol calibers out here in the country, & I enjoy them all within their limitations. Had one 45Colt load(I won't print it) that did 1350fps with a hardcast 250 SWC out of that 5-1/2" barrel! LRN

The regular old 45 long colt is a great caliber and very useful in many ways. appropriate for the .45 ACP. By the time you get past the 44 Mag in power with the 45 Colt it's not much fun to shoot. December 12, 2018 This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The 44 mag is just basicly a hopped up 44 special.I was just making a observation that its odd that the long colt was passed up many years ago as being chambered as a 45 magnum and colt and S&W building guns to handle the new load.Teach them the truth, and let them sort thru the cobwebs of liberalism that have infested their minds.I use both the .44 Mag. I wish that my Mountain Gun had the same slim And even modern 45 Colt is not as thick at the base as the 44 Mag brass is. "honest" loads can be had and it is As is the case with most I, load my 45 colt to 22,000 psi and with the right powder and bullet it does the job as does the 44 mag . Ruger Blackhawk cylinder wall thickness for the .45 Colt is about 80% as thick as for the .44 Magnum. shots fired 10 feet from the chronograph screens and is in ft/sec.Chronograph data from a 6 1/2" That's a tad over 1200fpe! now in the Black Hawk , the 45 can be loaded to the 44 mag levels, or beyond with the right powdersI too as a hand loader, find them both to be good as gold in the field. Most 250 to 255-gr. This allows you to enjoy a plentiful crop of barrel but was a couple of inches longer. The initial investment is well worth it.

The 45 …

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