I’m not sure if you are still responding to this or not but i’m wondering how you tie them without tying them? If you’re between sizes, consider going with the smaller size.

... Golden Goose sneakers are some of the trendiest sneakers on the market, currently …

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Since children are constantly growing out of clothing, there’s no way I’d want to spend over $100 on shoes that my kids will probably wear for a few months at most, which is why I personally love this copycat option. You can purchase them in either light or The most popular Golden Goose style is likely their metallic ones, offering a little bit of fun and pizzaz to an otherwise basic looking sneaker. The company uses a special technique to scuff, scrape, and distress the leather giving each pair a unique look… no two pairs are exactly the same since they are hand made and hand distressed.
Should I get a size 37 or 38?? After putting a pair of Golden Goose sneakers on my wishlist over a year ago, I couldn’t justify the price for “dirty” shoes that cost upwards of $500-$600. They’re also $500+ sneakers and I felt like I couldn’t justify spending that much money on a pair of sneakers. I am about to purchase a pair (non high top) online.

This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I have the potential to make a commission from that click and/or purchase. Sneakers are the casual shoe of choice for many individuals because of their durability and comfort. Just as with all new shoes, however, sneakers require a breaking-in period while they adjust to the contours of your feet.

For example, if you’re a size US 8.5, get the size… IT 38.The sneakers are comfortable right out of the box but the more you wear them, the more they mold to your foot and become even more comfortable! Just like the real Golden Goose sneakers, they have a cut-off star, tucked-in laces, a bit of purposeful wear, and are very nicely made.

However the more and more I saw how versatile they are, and how good they looked, I became more and more persuaded to finally hit the buy button. I was told that Golden Goose sneakers are hard to break in and not very comfortable, so I never tried them. They’re so fun, colorful, and of course very trendy and popular.

Are they next on your shopping list?

As I mentioned above, I fully expected to tell you to save your money and buy a different pair instead.To my surprise, they are wonderful… and incredibly comfortable!

Having played sports most of my youth, I have always been a sneaker girl at heart.

We know that Golden Goose sneakers aren’t in everyone’s price range, so we’ve rounded up some options below that offer a similar look but won’t break the bank. That being said- do you think the 37 size would work for me? But to be honest, I have always been drawn to the The most common question I get is whether or not they run true to size. They’re comfortable and stylish – the perfect sneaker to reach for with every outfit. The popular sneakers typically sell for over $550 but you can snag this almost identical pair for much much less. It was one of those moments when clothes didn’t fit and I felt terrible..so, I justified it real easily that day and since then I have purchased a few more #oops.

Hard to believe I waited that long to own a pair. They’re essential in my wardrobe!

However, Golden Goose sneakers have become SO popular that I decided I needed to try them and review them so I could share my findings with you.

Hopefully, I can change my mind and break these bad boys in. Golden Goose Sneaker Review.

I didn't get my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers until February 2018! Hilary Duff stepped out in a pair of can't-miss hot pink Golden Goose sneakers, showing an easy, everyday way to style the trending color. I’ve found great deals on Shopbop but you have to act fast!

These are an exact replica, with tons of different leopard tones to choose from.

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I have a narrow foot and am wondering if they’ll be a good option.They fit true to size! I’ve been dying to have a pair forever and now the day has finally come, yay!

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