Since rings are fairly small, the Construction line layers provide the reference geometry for the solid objects that will be created. If you don’t have a 3D Printer, you can easily send a 3D model to print through Tinkercadb.
The default snap grid is 1, meaning when scaling it is done in increments of 1mm. c. Adjust the height of the new cylinder to 4mm. www.tinkercad.com2. This will determine the thickness of your band, play around to achieve your desired ring design. The line will serve as reference to create a flat piece, which will then flow onto the final ring.A creation of a flat object is to allow ease of editing and design for more detailed projects.Create a rectangle 3 mm in width and 58.241 mm long. While having the cylinder selected press the “hole” button in the top right corner3. Once design is complete select “Design” from the upper left cornerb. You now have a ring band.Now that you have a ring band, the ring can be customized however you desire. 3.
2. See Place a point on the ring reference geometry to be used later during the You can snap the point to a specific area of the circle using Rhino’s The optimal world view for the next step is perspective from a top-down angle.Create a line on construction plane below the circle. The ring will change to the layer color (red) to reflect this change. Awesome rings. Select everything on the workplane and press group d. Select everything on the workplane and press groupa. While having both cylinders selected press the “Group” button in the top right corner. To change your snap grid for more fine, precise measurements, change the snap grid in the bottom left corner to .1. b. Select Move Objects to this layer.

Scale the cylinder to a size slightly larger that the diameter of your finger, which in my case is 17mm. Scale the cylinder to have a diameter of 21mm or 4mm larger than your ring hole cylinder.

It will form the foundation for more detailed projects to undertake in the future.Start by opening Rhino and using a template. This Workshop module will guide you through designing a ring in Tinkercad and preparing it for 3D Printing.Tinkercad is a free web based CAD program. d. Drag the hole into the center of the cylindere. My kids would go nuts for something like this. Right click on the Ring layer. 4 years ago

The default when Rhino is opened is to show all viewports (Perspective, Top, Front and Right).You can switch between active viewports depending on the demands of your project.The optimal world view for the next step will be from a Create a circle to be used as the reference geometry for the ring.If you want to try out Python scripting for generating ring sizes, try it out here:This tutorial will use a US standard ring size of 8.5. a. It is always good practice to keep your projects well organized.Now that your basic ring is completed, save it and finish the project. Select the Ring. It is good practice to keep them in separate layers.Delete any unused layers. Place a cylinder on the workplane. Scale the cylinder to a size slightly larger that the diameter of your finger, which in my case is 17mm.

1. The following steps offer some suggestions on how to begin personalizing and customizing. This rectangle will form the reference geometry for the solid object that will be extruded in the next step.Extrude the rectangle 1mm to create a solid shape from the reference geometry.The extruded rectangle will ‘flow’ onto the ring construction line. The basic ring band is now complete.Move the ring onto its proper layer. The default snap grid is 1, meaning when scaling it is done in increments of 1mm. Once the design is complete select “Design” from the upper left-hand toolbar About: Welcome to the Autodesk Design & Make Instructables! Click on menu option “Download for 3D Printing” d. The file will now appear in the downloads folder and can be opened in a 3D printing software and sent to a 3D Printera. Circumference is 58.241 mm. Add any shape or custom model to so it intersects the band of the ringb.

This tutorial will detail the creation of a basic ring band using Rhino. While having the cylinder selected press the “hole” button in the top right corner. Select both shapes and use the “Align” tool from the Adjust menu to ensure perfect alignmentf. This will allow for ease of use in further editing, or importing the model to other files.Use the viewport navigation to change your active view.

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