He set the Warriors' record for most 3-pointers made by a single player in the regular season with 243 in the 2007-08 campaign before this mark was obliterated by a certain Splash Brother.Most NBA fans might be unaware of this former Jazz player's spell in the league. Richardson remains one of the best-loved Warriors players even after retirement in 2015. Geno Auriemma, the head coach of the UConn Women’s Basketball team that has won 11 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball National Championships, If the rim is lowered, it makes the percent chance of scoring in the paint higher, which will then force defenses to focus more on interior defense.

Advertisement 'He jumped out of the gym!' ).I quickly set my RCN TiVo box to record any WNBA game, and then when the Dallas Wings play, we put it on whenever we have time. Perhaps the window for an appearance in the Dunk contest is now forever closed, but expect him to make an All-Star team at some point in his career.Dee Brown's biggest claim to fame was his victory at the Slam Dunk contest of 1991 during his rookie year, in which he pulled off a no-look dunk by covering his face (including his eyes) with his right elbow while dunking with his left hand. Incidentally, Donovan Mitchell is also from the same college as Dr. Dunkenstein (Louisville).Griffith earned his sobriquet of Dr. Dunkenstein during his time at Louisville and enjoyed a successful NBA career with the Jazz. These are said to be "stand-still" vertical jumps, and we don't know if these are "average" vertical jumps or "best ever" vertical jumps. is a refrain normally associated with basketball commentators. Wilt ‘the Stilt’ Chamberlain was one of the most dominant forces in NBA history. WNBA Player = (1.33 * 72.57 in.) For the Standing Vertical players are not allowed to take any steps. With no official recordings of vertical leap, the highest in the WNBA is thought to be that of Deanna Nolan with an estimated average jump height of 34 inches. I’ve loved sports since I was 4 years old when I would run into my parents room at 6 AM to turn on the TV and watch Comcast SportsNet, much to their chagrin.Recently, I got engaged to the greatest woman on the planet who I, also, love very much. In fact, some of the physical feats basketball players can achieve would put Olympic athletes to shame.So high are the NBA's standards of physical fitness and conditioning that if you don't have a running leap over 2 feet (24 inches), you are probably never going to be drafted even if you have every other aspect of your game sorted.Incredible athletes from the past and the present have entertained Here, we count down the players with the highest running vertical jump in NBA history.The Canadian, drafted with the #1 overall pick by the Wiggins is in his 4th season in the NBA and has shown off his otherworldly athleticism ever since his first game in the league. BECAUSE OF THAT, 3-point shooters will have a little more room to breath and have more open shots. She took to that because, in her words, the athletes being female makes them more relatable to her and she enjoys watching them a little more.Seeing this as an opportunity to get her into sports of any kind, I suggested that maybe we become a fan of a WNBA team (since Philly doesn’t have one) and try and start following them. We landed on the Dallas Wings because she lived in Dallas for her first two years after college (long distance dating sucks! Unofficial Records. Standing at 7’1” you wouldn’t think someone of that size had a vertical jump of 48 inches.It isn’t just his jumping prowess that was great he was an exceptional all-around athlete running the 100 yard dash in 10.9 seconds, doing a triple jump of over 50 feet, throwing a shot put over 56 feet and winnin… + 19.0 in. Here, we count down the players with the highest running vertical jump in NBA history. Even teammate Dominique Wilkins, a dunker of renown, didn't know that he dunked much.Richardson went on to win back-to-back Slam Dunk Challenges at the All-Star Weekends of 2002 and 2003. Which is why Donovan Mitchell's tribute to him in the 2018 Slam Dunk Contest (he donned Griffith's Jazz uniform while making his second dunk) raised a number of questions about who #35 really was. At his height of 6'4" and his Though he did not win any Dunk Contest unlike some of the renowned names on this list, he was an uber-athletic player during his 11-year career for the Jazz, and his jersey has been raised to the rafters by the franchise for whom he played his entire career.If at all there was a player who could justify or even top the moniker 'His Airness', it is Michael Jordan. Vertical Jump Distances of NBA and WNBA These are some of the estimated vertical jump distances for well-known NBA players. Thank to another study done by With both rims at 10 feet (120 inches), an average NBA player more than meets the vertical jump requirement to dunk a ball (Just to put it in perspective, let’s calculate what rim height the men would be playing at if they had to deal with the same disadvantages women do:How many players in the NBA could dunk on an 11.5-foot rim at a full-speed game situation? The Guinness book of records doesn’t always hold the actual record since they have to go out and see it … The best leapers in non-track sports are often found in the game of basketball. Selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 31st overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft, he was subsequently cut.The San Antonio Spurs took a chance on him, and he appeared in 6 games before being reassigned to their D-league affiliate the Austin Toros. Sadly, the Wings have gotten off to a rough start to the season with a record of 1–5. The Max Vertical measures the highest jump of the player. Sadly, there are no sources I could find that could give me every player’s vertical jump, so I went with a general assumption Finally, I needed to consider standing reach, or the height you are when you put your arms straight up in the sky. White's longest spell in the NBA came in the 2012-13 season with the New York Knicks for whom he appeared 57 times.The diminutive Anthony Webb took the NBA world by storm when he decided to enter his name into the Slam Dunk Contest of 1986 as a rookie.

LaVine showed off an assortment of tricks while dunking from the free throw line amid tough competition from Aaron Gordon in 2016, in which there were two tiebreaking rounds.LaVine's superior athleticism shone through then as he is the pillar for the Chicago Bulls franchise.

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