In packed options, standard jungle mix or aroid mix also do well.Are you looking for a plant for your bathroom or kitchen?

Another thing that can cause this problem is heavy leaves. The fast-growing Alocasia reginula gets dormant in winter. As soggy soil leads to plant issues like basal or root rot.The Alocasia Velvet plant needs bright indirect sunlight.

It can be kept under bright lights but should not be put under direct sunlight.

It likes to be slightly pot-bound.

Cold temperature also tends to make them “upset”.

You just want to hug and baby this wonderful little plant, but in so doing you may kill her with kindness.

Also, note how often you’re watering it. If your lower leaves curl under, monitor the amount of water you’re giving your plant. Alocasia zebrina sports the characteristic arrow or shield-shaped leaves but is missing the distinctive white veins running through the leaves. There is most probably something wrong with the environment it is being kept in.

If accidentally ingested, the patient should be taken to a medical facility immediately. Also, check the leaves and the roots for any bugs. The best thing to do now is to cut these leaves off, figure out why your plant is unwell and fix the problem.First things first, isolate the plant from all the other plants you have.

Be aware and keep this highly toxic plant away from your kids and pets. The leaves contain oxalic acid, which can cause serious illness.

Your Alocasia is tropical, so it will thrive in more humid environments.

Gently take the rhizome out of the soil and split it.

Rinse the entire plant (stems and leaves both) thoroughly with water, preferably soapy, and wipe the plant clean. The Alocasia Black Velvet Care includes a warm and humid place with indirect light.

Root or stem rot can occur sometimes. While once a week will be enough for the winter months.These plants are susceptible to rot. Alocasia amazonica is a hybrid plant.
Additionally, you can also get some seeds from market or get them online from Amazon to try the seed propagation. Staking will help prevent your plants from drooping. Alternatively, in winter, let the soil get completely dry between consecutive watering. The dark, almost black leaves, adorned with brilliant silvery-white veins and velvety look make for an unmistakably beautiful sight. Considering their shape and their extremely attractive and elegant leaves, they can be very suitable for a mature, sophisticated bedroom interior or even as Valentine’s Day’s gifts!Because these plants prefer being in a more humid environment, it is usually ideal for putting them in the bathroom or the kitchen.

In case of trouble, take the patient to health care immediately.This plant grows pretty fast in the months of spring and summer. This will give them enough space to grow the tuber properly. Always avoid over-watering the plant. Use a knife to cut the old yellow leaves at the outside of the plant off the base.
If your plant’s leaves have turned yellow, almost jaundice-looking, chances are that they’ll not go back to being green.

It happens very occasionally.No. It grows particularly well under full or partial shade.

Dig the soil for suitably (around 12cm). The fast-growing Alocasia reginula gets dormant in winter. The parent species, Alocasia sanderiana and Alocasia watsoniana, are rain forest plants native to Asia.

The plant develops spots on the leaves at temperatures below 12-15°C.

I water it twice a week, letting surplus water drain from the bottom. Howbeit, in the colder days of winter, it gets dormant. Ingestion may lead to serious health issues.

Interestingly, the veins of this plant reflect almost all of the visible spectra producing the black on white contrast of the leaves.What is even more interesting is that when you crush the leaf open, the typical green chlorophyll comes out.Alocasia Black velvet’s care involves an average amount of water along with dry, well-drained soil.

We recommend shifting the Small Queen to warm places before the arrival of frosty days. Also, if you have a dark color theme going on in your bedroom or anywhere in the house, this little plant will be a perfect touch of perfection.The larger ones look best on their own in a spacious corner, while the smaller ones can be used as great fillers on tables, desks, shelves, and window sills or even in clusters and groups.Alocasia Black Velvets are also known to be rather romantic-looking plants. They shed their leaves and apparently “die”, but do not panic because they are only getting ready for the summer. No! The Alocasia reginula is not much winter hardy.

It’s important to place a sleeve around the plants in the cold months. Monitor the amount of water you’re giving it and check the pot for proper drainage. However, some people are still not clear about the parentage of this plant. The most probable reason for curling leaves is too much water. Mist regular and that should help with the problem.If your plant looks unwell, it probably is. Hi, I bought a Alocasia about a month ago from a big dept store, and it has not been doing well.

However, this is a relatively slow process.Just select a healthy mature plant for division. Thus, always keep your kids and pets away from mingling with the plant.

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