Many years ago, research found out that if they could make the light tube thinner, then there would also be greater energy efficiency associated with it. Question on converting from T12 to T8 flourescent Also, let us know if we can help you determine what might be the best way to go for more efficient lighting.I hope that answers your question, let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.We sell to everyone, no order too big or too small! The diameter of T12 is 1.5 inches, the T8 is 1 inch and the T5 is only 5/8" inch. That led to the development of different kinds of ballasts to accommodate this newer type of 1-inch diameter tube. LED tube lights work in the same sockets as the T8 and possibly the T12 depending on what you have, making them an obvious retrofit opportunity with a fast payback. On the most basic level, the T12 and the T8 bulbs have a different diameter tube thickness. The T8, T10 and T12 tubes are mainly difference in the diameter of the tube. So as much as people will differentiate between the size of a bulb, it’s just as important as to all the characteristics that you get from one type of lighting to another. The adoption of T8 lighting took some time because people not only had to just change a light bulb, but they had to change a ballast as well. So the bottom line is that these are not interchangeable and if you're going to upgrade from a T12 to a T8 bulb, then you also have to change out the ballast. So it's more than just energy efficiency, it's also the effect that it has. Most commercial buildings and people that use them in their homes have the instant start ballast that operates the T8 light bulb. Now with the advent of LED T8 bulbs, people can now move into something that’s even more energy-efficient and won’t have to have a ballast anymore if they don’t want it.

Another improvement that came along with T8 bulbs was an improved color rendition as well. T8 bulbs have a luminous efficacy of 80lm/W making them a step up from the 70lm/W of T12 bulbs. Oh, and you would have to replace the endcaps to even begin trying to run T5 bulbs, since T5's are slimer than the distance between the pins on T6-T12's. The good news is that the sockets that are being used today in T8 light fixtures, can be used for the LED T8’s that are coming out on the market all the time. We welcome your comments and Ballast lights wired in sequence, none work

It was simply making the cheapest lamps possible for a marketplace that was exploding with the possibilities of fluorescent lighting.

T12 primarily run off a magnetic ballasts and T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts. The T12 is 1.5 inches in diameter and the T8 is 1 inch in diameter.

Now the changes coming with many LED tubes replacing even the T8’s. Take a look at all the different types of LED light fixtures on our website that utilize this type of T8 configuration and you’ll probably find something that will work great for you. It was discovered many years ago that if you could bring the tube to a narrower diameter, efficiencies of the light bulb itself would be increased.

The main difference is in size…the T8 is one inch in diameter and everything else is divisible by that number: T5 = 5/8 inch, T6 = 6/8 inch, T8 = 1 inch, T10 = 1.25 inches (10/8), T12 = 1.5 inches in diameter (12/8). It was that economic consideration that sometimes retarded the move to more efficient T8 lamps. Even though the fluorescent light socket is exactly the same for both of them, they cannot operate on the same ballast. It was largely driven by that and when other people start to see that it would work great for an office situation, improving productivity then it was also adopted there. Wire t5 ballast light fitting But most people have them operating on a magnetic ballast.

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