I now have try and fix this horrible paint… It is worth the extra 15 minute drive to Home Depot to save hours in painting.I’m doing my prep work by reading all your reviews before buying paint for my ceiling. not happy with either product on my walls. To provide some analysis, we’ve tested several of the top brands available to determine which paint provides the best coverage for the price. I had better results from my Walmart paint.. so very frustrating and irritating to have spent so much money on paint and get so poor results.I am a long time Behr fan. I find it tears off the walls when removing tape if a piece of furniture is placed against the wall– even months after the paint has dried. Right?We need to TSP and original kilz the whole place, It’s light pink and dirty. There are many paint snobs out there that are more interested in bragging about what brand or how much they spent on paint. I would never use Behr again on anything.life expectancy of paint…period is about 1/2 of what they state on the can on the lasting beauty and protection, generally due to environmental conditions in or out of the home exterior painting should not be applied less than 4 mil. It took three coats and three gallons to cover over virtually identical color walls. It keeps looking great no matter what.Valspar Premier couldn’t even cover the same color, that was color matched! Killz might be required on some hides.For interior use – price, availability, shelf life and versatility I like Behr. It’s a no primer, no sanding needed (I usually can’t help myself and do a little scuffing on glossy surfaces anyways) paint that’s never let me down. I have to say, I’ve always only painted with Behr paint. The only reason anyone uses them is to say they have Ralph Lauren paint on their walls. My advice before you start your paint job get some advice from a professional. Diamond Brite Paint 5 gal. We went back to Lowes and they told us that we used too cheep of a roller and that it wasn’t their job to tell us what roller to buy in the first place because they didn’t know our budget. I’ve been really happy with the experience overall. What a waste of money and labor! Tape is used to protect other surface incase you happen to get paint on the other surface and to provide straight cut lines, not just paint all over and it just magically removed. This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). After dried I can see absolutely every roller stroke and it doesn’t even match in color.
I bought 5 gallons of their premium paint with the extra primer in it thinking I was getting a top of the line product that would save me time and effort. I picked up this brand by chance and found the coverage fantastic. I worked on a military base in New Orleans where the humidity kept the paint the painters were using, from drying for almost 2 weeks.

They manufacture paints, decorative finishes, primers, stains and surface preparation products. They kept the name, mostly for brand recognition according to one sales associate.
Reds are notorious for being difficult to finally get to the actual color that matches the color sample.

Pretty good, but hits the wallet hard at $38 a gallon. I ended up redoing the doors, by resanding, using TSP again, and priming.Benjamin Moore/ Sherwin Williams are great paints. I had searched “how to help latex paint flow better” and learned about Floetrol. The label claims Very Low Odor and can coat in 1 hour. Paint and exterior stain coverage figuring out how much paint or stain you need for a project can be a little bit tricky especially if it is a big project. Still not sure what exterior paint to use!! The home impovement stores like lowes and home depot can also help you select the best exterior house paints for your location. I have a large living room (20 x 20 with cathedral ceiling and only one large window) so whatever I buy, I’m looking at a lot of paint. paint will loose its new luster.Are your top rated paints in the order of preference? More expensive paints have pigments which are ground finer resulting in higher color values, truer hues and consistency of color, tone and hue. It seems that everyone has their own opinion on the best paint, and brand loyalties run deep. Then, I towel dry wall. The invoice was lying nearby and the price was $45 per gal. I started using Benjamin Moore…I tried the Regal and the more baseline one. on the recommendation of the salesman, a guy I was friends with in high school and who has been working in paint for 8 or 10 years now. Big mistake for me.

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