The nearest metropolitan city is Cedar City, Utah 93.4 miles away. Without a doubt, two of the best limited draw trophy elk states are Nevada and Arizona for sheer numbers of quality bull elk.
All outdoor activity he loves most, like Hunting, Fishing, Sports, Camping & Hiking, Paddling. These tags are very hard to come by so we recommend going with two guides but we will customize the hunt to meet your needs and goals. Would you like to hunt an area with wide open vistas, some of the largest trophy elk around, and work with a guide who knows the hills better than the wildlife that live in them? Deposit. Imagine having the entire southern half of the Ruby Mountains all to yourself as you glass alpine peaks for billies. Posted on Elk hunting is a tradition shared by thousands of hunters each fall.

These are quality hunts that usually take a lot of years of applying to draw a tag unless you are lucky. We would say the average score we’ve helped bring in would be around 350-365. Lincoln County is a county located in the state of Nevada, south of White Pine County and north of Clark County. Elk hunts are seven days. You can substitute it for beef in any recipe and we promise, you won’t be disappointed. Most of the top Boone and Crocket bulls are hunted on a daily basis in Oregon forests.Most hunters go to the Siuslaw national forest to hunt the Roosevelt elk which is accessible to the public.However, it is very expensive for non-residents. Roasts, steaks, ribs, and ground elk are a little bit of what you can expect. Colorado also has the largest elk population in the US with the biggest elk migrations taking place there.Grand Junction and Craig would be the best places to go The elk population in Idaho is estimated to be over one hundred thousand. Note: Some information sheets contain information about more than one unit. In Nevada we offer guided Rocky Mountain elk hunts in most units in the state and if we don't guide there we can recommend a good outfitter. Every year we help our hunters bring in monstrous elk ranging in scores from 330-400.
Read more about why we think We’ve helped our hunters score some huge trophy elk. Montana has other wildlife like grizzly bears which can endanger the lives of hunters, therefore, you bear protection is advisedFamously known as the Elk County, Pennsylvania is considered the best hunting state east of Mississippi. They are places where one can explore and interact with nature on a variety of levels.Your hunt headquarters, Vantage Point Outfitters, is removed a ways off from the downtown hub of Pioche, which is known for its wild west history and its infamy claim to its own This is an exciting way to acclimate yourself to your adventure high in the hills. Elk have now become a premiere animal in Nevada. This is their environment. He loves exploring new things all around the world. We will do everything we can to help you bring in the biggest bull possible.Not only will we help you find the biggest and best trophy elk, you will also have the opportunity to witness some spectacular scenery and a variety of beautiful wildlife in their natural habitats. The nearest metropolitan city is Are you planning to travel Nevada and really experience some wide-open spaces? Elk hunts are spot and stalk. There are vast hunting grounds of over millions of acres that are open for anyone to hunt. These animals have thousands and thousands of acres all to themselves with few natural predators. The population of elks here is in the tens of thousands and comprises of one of the biggest bulls in the country.The bulls grow big here because of the mild weather and enough forage all year long.South Dakota is generally good for hunting any kind of wildlife.

Every year we help our hunters bring in monstrous elk ranging in scores from 330-400. Probably enough to last a whole year until your next elk hunt. Would you like to hunt an area with wide open vistas, some of the largest trophy elk around, and work with a guide who knows the hills better than the wildlife that live in them? Copyright © 2020 Vantage Point Outfitting. Let us know if you have a preference when you book and we will try to accommodate that.We guide rifle, muzzle loader, and archery hunters for elk in Nevada. Draw Odds Many hunters aren't that worried about trophies they just want the chance to hunt. 2019 Elk Harvest by Unit Group Elk Harvest Composition by Unit Group; Elk Antler Length by Unit Group; 2010-2019 Elk 50 In Beams in Harvest; 2018 Posted on Our season is during the peak of the rut, September thru November. It is also one of the two states, the other being Arizona, that has a lot of elk o public land.Hunters have said that these two states have the best public hunting grounds in the country. B&C score, with the possibility of a close to 400 score bull. The rates quoted below for your 6 day guided Nevada elk hunt include meals and lodging.Our Nevada elk hunts offer clients a very good chance at taking a 350+ bull and we have taken bulls over 390. Bulls are being harvested in upwards of 350 pts.

(100 plus 100 divided by 1.)

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