Try some small eggs or even a live lizard or rodent. Maybe you just have a local overpopulation of garter snakes, and they've made a home under your house. They don't have fangs.

The first one is that the snakes were named after stocking garters due to their striped appearance. Anything that looks too dark and cozy—especially if it's made of organic matter—needs to go. If you follow the tips above, you're taking care of the shelter part, but a garter snake might still come by if your backyard is a buffet.Garter snakes eat all kinds of animals, such as lizards, frogs, insects, slugs, minnows, and small mammals. Garter snakes that have grown bigger in size can feed on salamanders or even a waterfowl. They are often found under boards, rocks, or other objects in city lots and near farm buildings. Clean their enclosure regularly to avoid the risk of bacteria. They can act as natural pest control, and unless the snake population is booming, chances are that you will hardly notice them.Still, if you are determined to run the garter snakes off your property, consider doing it as humanely as possible using the tips above. Just make sure to collect any eggs daily.Note, however, that this method can result in some casualties for the snakes. “What should I feed it?”That’s easily the most common question asked by beginning garter snake keepers. They will tend to hide in the shade unless they are out basking in the sun during the middle of the day. You can find them in meadows, woodlands, grassy knolls, and anywhere that is close to a source of water. Clean up the pile of leaves that's been sitting there forever or the stack of rotting logs that you never burned.Now, it may not be possible to get rid of everything that's attractive to a garter snake.
Every year I have a fair number of Koi hatch in my pond, but by the end of summer most of them have been devoured.I tried to paste the picture of the snake with the fish into this post but I could not get it to work.I mention a few reasons why someone would want to get rid of them in the article.Personally, I like garter snakes and I don't have a problem with them being around.However, some people have small pets in their backyard, or have an irrational fear of snakes, or don't want to host an annual mating ball underneath their house, etc.Garter snakes eat all kinds of pests around the house. To provide a better website experience, uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data. In fact, after a few weeks, the chickens are a threat to the garter snakes!Though chicken eggs can attract snakes, the chickens themselves act as a natural pest control and tend to chase them away. A single snake will … In winter, they take shelter in animal burrows or congregate in deep cracks in south-facing limestone bluffs or rocky hillsides.Eastern gartersnakes eat frogs, tadpoles, toads, salamanders and earthworms. Think about this for a while. Or perhaps you don't like the smell—garter snakes, especially in large groups, kind of stink.Regardless of your reasons, this territorial conflict doesn't have to become a war! I personally don't think a two-foot snake is particularly huge, perhaps medium-sized. Fortunately, the biology and natural history of Missouri snakes are both interesting and enjoyable to learn. Some snakes are still highly venomous even without fangs (such as the coral snake, which one should NEVER handle), but most snakes without them cannot effectively inject venom. If there are any glaring candidates for an ideal snake home, then trim it up, and the garter snakes might slither off into your neighbor's yard instead.If there's a lot of junk littering your yard, then these are places that a garter snake might find enticing. What would be a great place to hide?

You can build snake traps yourself or buy them, but with a simple funnel trap (or minnow trap), you can collect your unwanted neighbors and relocate them.You can use all kinds of things as bait. Despite this, garter snakes cannot kill humans with the small amounts of comparatively mild venom they produce, and they also lack an effective means of delivering it." Clean Up Any Random Outdoor Junk. "Garter snakes were long thought to be nonvenomous, but discoveries in the early 2000s revealed they do, in fact, produce a neurotoxic venom. The second theory is that the Latin word for stocking garters, sirtalis was simply translated into English. Like many kinds of harmless snakes, gartersnakes will bite to defend themselves.Eastern gartersnakes live in a variety of habitats but favor areas near water, such as near ponds, marshes or swamps and in damp woods or forested areas along creeks and rivers. Find a nice park or wooded area a few miles away if you can.Snake fences are small perimeters that you can build (usually just a few inches or feet high) that keep most snakes off your property.A snake fence can work based on a variety of principles.

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