Superintendent's Compendium The purpose of the compendium is to provide the public and park employees with a document that lists the special designations, closures, permit requirements, public use limits, and other restrictions made at the superintendent's discretion. (2) A person capturing any live nongame mammal for a personal, scientific, educational, or commercial use must comply with R657-3 Collection, Importation, Transportation and Subsequent Possession of Zoological Animals.
(b) A certificate of registration for taking Utah prairie dogs may be issued as provided in Subsection (i) or Subsection (ii), or Subsection (iii), if the taking will not further endanger the existence of the species:(i) in cases where Utah Prairie dogs are causing damage to agricultural lands as provided in the rules of the U.S.

Baby marmots or pups are born relatively undeveloped and require large amounts of care until they emerge from the nest three weeks later. They are common in brushy or weedy areas along fence rows or road right-of-ways.Woodchucks breed in late February or March and usually not until the animal is close to two years old. (3) The taking of White-tailed prairie dogs, Cynomys leucurus, is prohibited from(4)(a) The taking of Gunnison prairie dogs, Cynomys gunnisoni, is prohibited in all areas south and east of the Colorado River, and north of the Navajo Nation in Grand and San Juan counties from April 1 through June 15. Males are territorial and aggressively protect their harem from other male marmots and smaller predators such as the ermine. (b) The live capture of nongame mammals species may be allowed as authorized under Rule R657-3. Our team wasn’t able to pin down any local drone laws in the state of Utah. Marmots range from the size of a chihuahua to the size of a terrier.

(ii) any species of mice, rats, or voles of the families Heteromyidae, Cricetidae, or Zapodidae;(vii) squirrels, prairie dogs, and marmots of the family Sciuridae.

(5) The taking of Utah prairie dogs is limited to the dates designated on the certificate of registration. Oh, BTW, where are you hunting?

(2)(a) A person may take Utah prairie dogs with a firearm during daylight hours or by trapping as specified on the certificate of registration.

(1) A certificate of registration is required to take any of the following species of nongame mammals:(2) A certificate of registration is required to take any shrew - Soricidae, all species.

Thats a goood one A real Kneee slapper I can definatly see how someone here could mistake that here. The young will start to find their own territory when they are just a few months old.Groundhogs are omnivores, with the majority of the diet being plant matter.An adult woodchuck can eat more than a pound of vegetation each day.To prevent a groundhog from eating your shrubs or plants in your garden, install a fence around it that is at least 3 feet high, made of heavy poultry wire or 2-inch mesh woven wire, and staked at a 45-degree angle. (b) White-tailed prairie dogs, Cynomys leucurus, may not be taken in the following closed area in order to protect the reintroduced population of black-footed ferrets, Mustela nigripes:(i) Boundary begins at the Utah/Colorado state line and Uintah County Road 403, also known as Stanton Road, northeast of Bonanza; southwest along this road to SR 45 at Bonanza; north along this highway to Uintah County Road 328, also known as Old Bonanza Highway; north along this road to Raven Ridge, just south of US 40; southeast along Raven Ridge to the Utah/Colorado state line; south along this state line to point of beginning.

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