The average cost to build a new salt water pool is Saltwater pools do not need any chemicals added and don't have a chlorine smell. The Swim. The average cost for swimming pool or spa maintenance is $178. We track the estimates they get from local companies, then we share those prices with you.Get free estimates from trusted pool companies near you.Get free custom quotes from qualified pros in your area.

Installing Saltwater Pool Extras. Don’t forget the cost of filling the pool with water as well.Add-Ons are widely available from most pool and online stores, as well as from the company you hire to install the pool, the average cost for add-ons are as follows.Overall, your fiberglass pool will be about 10% cheaper than a concrete or gunite pool but about 20% more expensive than a vinyl pool. The additional cost of pool ownership for basic maintenance, increased utilities, and repairs add close to $375 per year.. Enjoy the benefits of owning a pool all year long without the enormous cost and space requirements. We track the estimates they get from local companies, then we share those prices with you.Get free estimates from trusted pool builders near you.Get free custom quotes from qualified pros in your area. A saltwater pool needs a salt water chlorination system to function correctly. Costs of Pool & Spa Repair. The average cost to install a fiberglass swimming pool is When adding custom upgrades like decking, slides, lighting, covers, or a hot tub, expect to add There are a few different fiberglass pool packages to choose from, with the most expensive being a turn-key fiberglass pool installation that costs You can choose the level of service you want and pay a higher However, you may find that paying for a package with more labor done for you can end up costing less than if you piecemeal it yourself, especially when it comes to digging the hole for your pool and disposing of the dirt which costs After the cost for the fiberglass shell, you’ll need to pay for the excavated hole it will be dropped into, along with your backfill, plumbing fittings and pipes, and pool pump.This cost also covers the depth of the pool at an average of 5.5’ to 6.5’ deep, but doesn’t account for any of the additional aspects most homeowners enjoy adding to their inground pools, such as decking and lighting. Enjoy the benefits of owning a pool all year long without the enormous cost and space requirements. Pool&Spa. Fiberglass Pool Cost. An advanced control panel allows you to set the desired amount of chlorine output, with indicators for temperature, salt level, and water flow.The cost for an in-ground salt water pool pump with a filter is For an above-ground pool, a pump and filter system costs There are many extras you can purchase to enhance your swimming experience.Depending on the price you pay, weekly services can include:The cost of a salt water pool cleaning for a pool up to 20’ x 40’ can include:If you hire a pool service company, the annual maintenance cost of a salt water pool is about There are very few health risks associated with saltwater pools. Pools. By converting to salt water, pool maintenance is easier, making it an excellent long-term choice for new pool owners.The cost to convert a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool ranges from The difference in the cost of a salt water pool vs. a chlorine pool lies mainly in the cost of chlorine and the initial purchase of the salt system. The “cell” which is the part that generates the chlorine will need replacing every 3 – 6 years at the cost of about In comparison, a chlorine pool needs to have chlorine added quite often. This would cover a freeform, geometric, or classic-style pool with no spa attached. There are several factors that will determine the inground pool cost and that will be determined primarily by you. Add a Salt Water Hot Tub – Installing a hot tub salt water system costs $500 to $1,700. At 3,500 ppm, humans can taste and sense salt, but at around 3,000 ppm of dissolved salt in the pool, the water will feel soft and silky.The cost to install an inground saltwater pool starts at The cost to build an inground saltwater pool is about the same as a traditional pool that's chlorinated plus The labor cost of a saltwater pool installation runs from Above-ground pool salt systems are much easier to set up, and can sometimes be installed in less than an hour, or have it installed professionally for The cost to install an above ground saltwater pool is It is recommended to purchase a salt water pool chlorinator that is rated for a pool larger than the one you have, to put less strain on the motor and keep it working efficiently, keeping chlorine in your pool.Also, consider buying a pump that takes some of the work out of maintenance—one with a digital display, LED indicators, self-cleaning, water flow detector, low or overload salt detectors, temperature protection, etc. A salt water pool heater for your inground pool will cost $50 to $250 per month in electrical costs.

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