At this time, it needs to spray some water mist around it every 1-2 days to help it recover. The reason for the drooping of fiddle-leaf fig leaves is probably due to lack of water.
At this time, it is necessary to increase the humidity around it by regularly spraying water or setting humidifier to make it return to normal. At this time, the leaves with rust spots on the plant shall be cut off, and then it shall be moved to a relatively warm environment with good ventilation. Once you find where it will get just the right amount of light and humidity, let it adjust to its environment and watch it flourish. It may also be that the environment in which it is raised is too hot and humid for it to grow normally. If it is not happy, you will know it right away by its drooping leaves.Because the fiddle leaf fig has always been popular among experienced gardeners, it used to cost around $150 for a good size plant. Root rot is one of the leading causes of unhappy fiddle leaf figs. At this time, move it to a well ventilated and cooler place for maintenance.The leaves of fiddle-leaf fig are drooping, which may be caused by overwatering or hardening of soil, causing its root system to be injured. First, it is upsetting when your plant has an issue but trying to figure out how to handle this issue doesn’t have to ruin your whole day. Secret No. It's better to control the humidity between 70% and 80% for the cuttage fiddle-leaf fig, and put it in the place with bright scattering light to grow, so as to promote the plant to take root faster. Don't move it often, but you need to turn the flowerpot regularly.

2: Be patient. It may also be that the curing environment is too dry for its leaves to grow normally. If your plant is getting too much water or the plant does not have adequate drainage it will the roots will begin to rot.If the brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig begin to start to look like Swiss cheese with holes all around it, your plant is infected by insects.If your plant appears dried out it could be that the soil has pulled away from the pot and the roots are not able to receive any water. Watering: water shall be replenished in time during the growth period, without water shortage. It has to get acclimated to your house/temperature/light. It was looking great when I purchased it (very green, full and shiny). 4 years ago. Hi Everyone, I purchased my first fiddle leaf fig tree on March 1st, 2017 (24 days ago). A fungal infection caused by allowing your pot to sit in water or over-watering, this can quickly spread to the leaves of your plant. Because the fiddle leaf fig has always been popular among experienced gardeners, it used to cost around $150 for a good size plant. If you are keeping it inside you will want to mist it regularly to keep the humidity level high and more tropical.If your fiddle leaf fig plant is happy inside the bad news is that it will quickly outgrow your house and may need to ultimately be moved outside. Starting with the most common problem, this list contains other things that can go wrong with your plant and how you can handle them right away.This situation is best handled as soon as you see the first leaf begin to droop. It can also be caused by a change in temperature – too cold or too hot will cause the leaves to droop.If the issue is due to a temperature change, adjust the amount of heat or cold your plant is exposed to if the temperatures in your home have changed because of a change of seasons. The fiddle-leaf fig tree is a slow grower; in winter it goes dormant.

At this time, we need to first wet its soil with water, and then when we raise it, we need to slightly increase the frequency of watering to supplement water for it. With its background as part fig and part mulberry, it thrives as a tree or a houseplant. Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures).

The fungicide shall be sprayed every 10-15 days for treatment. Light: it likes the scattered sunlight and needs to be shaded in summer. Leaves on your fiddle leaf fig will droop if it is getting too much water or too little water. Control water in winter. Banyan is a kind of plant with large leaves. My name is Lisa, and I’m on a mission to expand my plant knowledge.

The first kind: take the fiddle-leaf fig out of the basin, and then put it back into the basin after the soil is dry. The telltale sign of bacterial leaf spot in your Fiddle Leaf Fig is yellowing of the leaves in addition to the brown spots.

See 5 Glamorous Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees.) This versatile plant earned its name because the shape of the leaves resembles a lyre (harp) as well as a fiddle.Experienced gardeners love this plant because it offers a dramatic look with its large glossy green leaves.
Fertilization: once a week or twice a week when it is growing fast. The second one is to replace its soil in time and replace it with soil with good permeability. It does come with its own list of demands. From the end of autumn to winter, fertilization can be suspended.The reason why the leaves of fiddle-leaf fig are rolled up may be that the culture environment is too dry. It appears that your plant has been getting too much direct sunlight whether it is inside or outdoors.When dealing with problems with your fiddle leaf fig it seems to come down to the basics – too much or too little water, too much or too little sunlight, and a temperature that is too hot or too cold.Keep in mind that this is a tropical plant that loves humidity. Marianne Giesemann. The photo, especially the color is not very clear, so I am relying on your text description. Sigh. The temperature in this period is always between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃, which is more conducive to the root growth of fiddle-leaf fig.

Its leaves are wide and thick, and its stripes are very clear. I love it! 5 – The price of buying a fiddle leaf fig is more affordable than ever before. Third: put it in a well ventilated and cool place to grow, avoid the strong sunlight.Temperature: it is suitable for growing between 25-35 ℃ and above 15 ℃ in winter. (To be fair, there’s nothing prettier than a healthy fiddle-leaf fig tree. Its leaves are not only thick but also wrinkled. Hi Rae - Fig Newton! At this time, it needs to be replenished with some clean water to provide it with water.

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