Brayton Barnes first appears in Driftwood at Reaper's Coast; Notes and Tips. However, this is a summary to help readers based on all of the pre-existing comments that I have seen. So you lose 10k XP doing that.Playing DE on PC. Finally, charmed DOES work on these trolls. Short description goes here.

Big advantage, having a high level item like this with a mid-level party. Help Marg get rid of Grog, or get rid of Marg . PC Definitive Edition: This worked, and got me 10.7k extra XP: [1] Started with Grogg, he asked me to kill Marg, [2] Went to Marg and told Grogg asked me to kill him, he asked me to kill Grogg, [3] Went back to Grogg, talked to him and paid the toll, this got me 8k XP [4] NOW you can eighter attack him right away, or move away a fair distance from the bridge and go back, he'll try to charge you again, you can attack him via dialogue to iniate combat more organically, if you care about that.

You can have Beast in team and kill Lohar. Try to keep the fight within the room.

This video is unavailable. Log in sign up. Killed Magistrate cause there a cancer. Return to Lohar, give the letter to him, and you will get +20 approval, and a pop-up with some*****ty gear. (8) Talk to him and choose the option that sayd "You've bested Mordus", DO NOT choose the option that gives gives him the "Letter from Dwarven Queen" (you can exhaust his dialogue about the deathfog shipment, how you have to go after it in Arx, and you can also ask him about whereabouts of source teachers, just don't mention Queens letter) (9) "Shadow Over Driftwood" should complete and you get to choose your reward, plus he gives you Lohars unique hammer, great 2 hand weapon (this weapon scales with your level, if you want to delay all this part till you're level 16/17 right before you're leaving act 2, it also works) (10) Now before you go talk to Julian, split your party and keep at least 1 guy in Lohar's room, if you don't do this, next time you go back to that room his prisoner and 2 other of his thugs will have left the room, so you'll get less XP from the fight (~6000 less, the prisoner also gives XP), so keep at least 1 of your guys there and this won't happen (11) Take "Letter to Mordus" from the ground and, with your party split, send someone to talk to Julian, he'll take both Queen and Mordus letters and ask you to kill Lohar (12) Regroup in Lohars room, talk to Lohar and choose the dialogue option that aggros him (that you're there to kill him or something) (before you talk to him spread your guys on each corner of the room, makes fight much easier), kill him and his guys, keep the fight inside the room (do not use any fear effects or polymorph chicken, those will cause enemies to run out of the room and alert the whole Undertavern.

you know the sourcer that the guards are looking for? Watch Queue Queue ), and he will grumble something about the town, yet giving you the rewards. Strange Cargo Objectives. If you do, the quest will be glitched, and Marg will only repeat the same line if you talk to him. Close. Total using this method ~64000XP (the 10.7k extra is from paying Groggs toll and telling Marg that Grogg asked you to kill him. I spoke to Grog and decided to kill Marg. 17. Business Rivals Objectives. Divinity: Original Sin 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Take the other three and go kill Lohar and get his head. or where is he hiding? (He won't take part in the ensuing fight) 2.1k. Nice money if you have been collecting fishes through the game, there are loads of them available in act 2! Took me 20 minutes to drop him but very happy with result: got a nice level 18 legendary ring that gives 185 magic armor, and my party is only level 11. [6] Marg will now ask for 15k gold to cross, refuse and kill his ass for 14k more XP. You will enter the fight but Beast is still in your side. thank you Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Nuro. After initiating the Missing Magisters quest, Magister Carver will tell you to find Higba, the primary suspect of the missing Magisters. Delivering Letter to Mordus to Lohar only rewards 2000 XP, and after doing that, bringing his head to Julian won't net you any XP. Everyone turned red but the other people didn't attack or use a turn(1st time I tryed they did,was a b@$#h!) The Law of the Order is one of the many Quests found in Divinity: Original Sin 2..

A Taste of Freedom Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest. 5. Luckily, the Voidlings are extremely weak to fire, and there are plenty of barrels around, so feel free to ignite the entire area for an easy AoE wipe. Not 18k like ppl wrote here in previous comments. commented by So Marg are happy about my story and he decided to price the toll for only 1 gold and I happily accept it! damn lol. The Voidlings all drop really nice loot, making the fight totally worth it.Cleared the whole cave with Mordor in it(my party never got separated into 4)1st. 4. Divinity: Original Sin 2. < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . smh.I killed Mordus before turning in the Shadow Over Driftwood note, and was still able to turn both in to Lohar, as well as the Wrecked Caravan quest (got 6000 xp for the last one). commented by I got a spell scroll called voidwoken fish exchange and it says to cast it on a fish barrel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (quadruple-counter-double-agent-style ;)) Worked for me on Tactician Mode (Regular) at lvl13.Lohar won’t die, he is just unconscious... after I gave him the amulet and then the letter to magister Julian, I went to the under tavern to get rid of him but he stays unconscious so I can’t close the quest. Then you speak to Magister Julian, get the initial EXP, kill Lohar and etcShould I not kill the group on the pier? In definitive edition Grog is lvl18. Important NPCs. The hungry flower made short work of him.Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a Hello all! 4. in driftwood at the fish factory with the docks :O holy sh*t Looks like you need to transmute the lava AFTER initiating the fight, otherwise the only thing you might instakill is yourself!Marg is immune to poisoned, so you can't stop his troll blood? Got the level 9 reward(I was 12)for Mordus kill from Lohar. This quest is stuck because I can't tell Marg that I killed Grog. Talk to Lohar and give him the amulet. Grab cooking pots from the ship and other places and simply line them up on the bridge. I'm at t lvl 12 currently and he 1 shots even my fully equipped tank who uses bonecage on the bridge and gets ridiculous amounts of physical armor from all the corpses (700+). Watch Queue Queue. Ahh. Brayton Barnes location. Going to Marg and said that Grog wants him dead and I decided to stick with Marg and accept to kill Grog. 109 comments. Miscellaneous. 6.

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