(145)IWB are arrowheads, flints, strips of leather, bits of rope, a bowie knife, slingshot, and fossils found along the trail? (192)IWB does a map have this warning: DO NOT CROSS AT NIGHT! (1-2...)In what book does much of the story take place on the Bybanks - Chocton Trail?

(96)IWB is there a pink bathroom: pink tub, pink sink, pink carpet, pink towels, pink toilet paper? (39)IWB does the anniversary of Rose's death find her mother very quiet and still - trying to make it through this time without disintegrating into a million pieces?

(49)IWB is the formula for telling the temperature - count the cricket chirps in 1 minute, divide by 4, and add 37? (70)IWB is a secret brew of mashed marigolds, cigarette butts, and onionskins sprayed on plants to keep aphids away? (142)IWB does a girl wait for darkness to come on her first night alone & come to think that maybe there is no moment of dark? (7)IWB does the main character prefer to listen over talking to people?

(212-213)IWB does the main character learn that she is the one who buried a leather pouch with a medallion inside when she was only 4 years old?

(122)IWB does the main character make a deal with her parents to spend time alone, camping along the trail route? (21)IWB does an Uncle call all his nephews "tadpole" and his nieces "pumpkin"? This story has got heart. I don't even want my kids reading it. (15)IWB does the town sign say there are 120 people that live there? Take the Quiz: Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech. (27)IWB are Maiden's Walk, Crow Hollow, Baby Toe Ridge, Sleepy Bear Ridge, Spook Hollow, and Shady Death Ridge all places along a trail? (99)IWB is there a lock on a drawer in the pink bathroom?

But would you like what you saw? Creech knows how to tell the story of someone coming to terms with family, self, and painful (often devastating) loss. (58)IWB is there a rose garden with 20 rose bushes?

I didn't really like the characters. (194)IWB does Zinnia go to investigate a small cabin off the trail with a boarded up window and a small porch? (87)IWB does someone come along a path in the forest whistling and tapping a stick on the ground? (68)IWB are crushed eggshells used to keep slugs away from tomato plants?

The main character, Zinny, is a little younger than myself so I thought it got a little slow at times. She had to learn how to manage new emotions. (123)IWB did a Dad drive a truck to Mississippi when he was just 11 years old? No, this book is realistic fiction but not very historical.

Why did this boy give her a ring?

But this book was just odd! Zinny assumes her words and actions affect the huge life issues she witnesses throughout her childhood. I'm not a big fan of books where the characters don't act their age. (39)IWB is there a gold medallion with the outline of a woman's head on one side, and the outline of a man's head and the engraved initials - TNWM on the other? (202)IWB does a girl in an oak tree fear that a black bear might knock the tree over, or shake her out, and she would fall like a monkey?

The plot was weird and the lessons were not what I want my kids reading.What?

(183)IWB does Willow, Sal's horse, appear in the meadow? (17)IWB did they stop raising chickens because Uncle Nate couldn't bear to see them killed?

I recommend this book to younger adults or anyThis book was a good book.

(47)IWB does the main character feel God has given her one chance to redeem herself?

(190)IWB do two teenage boys come across a campsite and start rummaging in a food sack? This is weird.

I also liked how it told you all of Zinnie's feelings and thought because it added to the mood of the story. (188)IWB does a spotted bobcat hunt, quickly pouncing, then prances away with a mole in his mouth? The audiobook narrator (Jenna Lamia) was fantastic and highly recommend that version. I am glad i did but after reading it again I cant see 10 year old me love it. (38)IWB does the main character regret holding up a grass snake for her Aunt to see? (46)IWB doe the idea of planting zinnias along a trail come up? (163) ... IWB is the key to a bathroom drawer found in a black box in the bottom dresser drawer? (211)IWB does Willow make it possible for Uncle Nate to get up on the trail? (114-115)IWB does the stone trail stop at the meadow and then pick up again on the other side?

This may be one of my favorite Creech novels. I could have gotten over some of the other issues, but that one is too much.I need to read more of her books to get a better picture. I found Zinny was selfish in many ways. The Chasing Redbird Quiz.
(130-132)IWB does Jake's pyramid of soup cans come tumbling down and he struggles to rebuild it? I found Zinny was selfish in many ways. (191)IWB does a trail seem like it might be a bad idea after all - leading any vandal, derelict, or drunken fool with a knife or gun straight to the family farm? (126)IWB did Ben want to bury chicken eggs in his squirt garden - in hopes of growing chicken beans? Give some examples of Zinny’s confusion about these characters and explain why she feels so conflicted. Read the book.

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