• Weaverville, CA • March 06, 2019Dianna L. • Missouri City, TX • October 08, 2014Amy V. • Newfoundland, NJ • April 07, 2015Jason A. The chrome trim on my glass cooktop came off. 3M™ Ultra High Temperature Double Coated Tape 9077 is a 2.0 mil clear double-coated adhesive tape designed for continued adhesion in high-temperature environments up to 500°F/260°C.

This access required tilting the chassis on a bench (but not turning it over and dropping out the coils and ceramic housings) and working at an angle in a dark enclosure. Answer Kathy, To reinstall the trim with double-sided tape you would want to make sure that you get heat resistant tape. You can test for 240 vac at the element to eliminate the switch as the problem. View More View All Search within results Tape Thickness .
The seals are available in white and black color along with adhesives to match.

Thank you for saving us $500.00, our usual repair company wanted to charge us for the entire switch and haliant burner assembly plus labor which would have cost $592.00. Thank you. If not, what can I … I removed all the temporary tape.

These tapes feature a foam material which has adhesive coating on both sides. and we used the instruction video to help us to replace it ourselves. Because double-sided tape is used between surfaces, the tape is hidden from view in the final product. Hugh A.

The APP phone staff member was very helpful verifying the parts I had identified online using the model number of my older GE Profile cooktop to locate and view the correct online exploded view diagram. (1) 10 yd (1) Max. • Fort Myers, FL Wayne W. • Randolph, NJ Eileen S. • Lutz, FL Kamo A. Once the switches were replaced, I could set the cooktop with the vent housing on my bench so that the coils would lie flat. We appreciate the help and honesty received from Appliance parts pros. I told him it was a pleasure working with him. This was very well explained and helpful. Generally speaking, the higher the adhesive strength, the stickier the tape. and can also be applied to go over the edge of heat resistant glass in stove doors.

2) replacement of the switches for my model required getting at them from underneath the chassis through all the other wiring. It features a 2 mil 3M™ Ultra High Temperature Acrylic Adhesive 100HT, excellent for use in FPC attachment and for HSE metals. This is designed to adhere two surfaces together. If you feel more comfortable, you can use any 1 inch square two sided foam pad as a substitute. To reinstall the trim with double-sided tape you would want to make sure that you get heat resistant tape. The price I felt was typically high for GE parts, so no surprise there. Thanks and Good Luck On my GE model, some of the hex screws needed to be removed from the underside of the chassis to access a plate that held the switches, so I recommend using a magnetized hex wrench/driver. I had to improvise and used a small piece of tape to provide for a friction fit to hold the screws in my unmagnetized hex driver when replacing them. Whirpool for Model Number GS563LXSS-O.
Because double-sided tape is used between surfaces, the tape is hidden from view in the final product.Measured in pounds per inch (lb./in. I then went to the glass cooktop, removed and cleaned the rubber switch seals (another APP video is available for that) and cleaned the cooktop surface at the switch holes, replaced the seals into the top and prepared to reassemble the top to the chassis and then the chassis to the counter. I have done a good deal of repair of other equipment and have learned to observe carefully, think about the construction, and proceed with caution. The s.steel door trim has come away on my Panasonic Combi Oven. Two issues concerned me: 1) the heating coils & ceramic coil housings could have been damaged during the repair by falling out of the chassis had I not temporarily taped them down to/into the chassis using blue masking tape. Search within results We're open and continuing to ship packages. Adhesive foam tape using Urethane materials offers high temperature resistance, high bonding strength, and long term durability. You can tell that the glass was held in place by strips of some kind of tape rather than just, say, beads of silicone sealant because the width of the strips is completely uniform. So, anybody heard of any kind of double-sided tape which is super-strong, silicone-based and, presumably, heat resistant? My cooktop repair was a total success from start to finish. Brian, Glass ladder tape is heat resistant at 550 o C. Insulates vessels, pipes etc. It looks like its stuck with double sided foam tape Model is GE PP989SN3SS will any type of tape work or do you need heat resistent tape?

The stiffness of the seal varies with the manufacturing pattern and is selected according to the application. go to shop read more Refractory materials

Seeing into the switch enclosure required a bright lamp. Hello Cynthia, It is stuck on with double sided tape which withstands upto 250 degrees C. Can I use this tape to stick it back? It is reusable, and can even stick well to rough surfaces. Re-peelable, strongly adhesive double sided tape. I photographed the wiring as recommended in another video for proper replacement, a step that was not necessary but was reassuring if I had gotten distracted from the job. Pull the unit from the countertop and loosen the screws around the perimeter of the cooktop about 1/4 turn. ANSWER Whirlpool, The outer oven door glass WPW10118455 is held in position by the side trim and bottom trim pieces of the door frame. If you have that voltage then the switch is good. Re-peelable Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape Using Thick Unwoven Fabric No.5000ND. ), this value represents the tape's tensile strength (resistance to pulling) when bonded to a surface.Measured in ounces per inch (oz./in. The range of thermal rope and tape seals for sealing around stove doors, sealing the first joint on a stove flue pipe and sealing around heat resistant glass. 62.5 mil (1) Tape Length .

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