Melanie helps Victoria write a children's book. Joy decides whether to marry Mitch, Simon, or Bob.

Watch full episodes of Hot in Cleveland on the TV Land App! Elka helps Bob’s dad pick up women. Victoria is trying to keep up with her 20-something boyfriend.

Hot In Cleveland Compilation #4 | Full Episodes -

Elka tries to convince Zed to move the production to Cleveland. Joy competes with Canadian Joy for Bob's affection. Victoria and Johnny Revere reflect on their past. It takes a little longer, however, for them to warm up to the house's longtime caretakerSign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates about getTV.By clicking SIGN UP, I certify that I am a United States resident, I agree to receive email updates from Sony Pictures Entertainment ("SPE"), I acknowledge that my information will be handled and used by SPE in accordance with the SPE

Joy spends Christmas without her mother but finds an unlikely proxy. Hot In Cleveland Compilation #4 | Full Episodes -

Melanie becomes jealous when Dane plays Victoria's love interest on stage; Joy persuades Bob to watch the film "Love Actually"; Elka is a guest on a political talk show.

About Hot In Cleveland When their plane has trouble while on a flight to Paris, three glamorous LA women find themselves in a completely new and unexpected place.

Joy sorts out her feelings for Bob. Melanie ends up in jail. Elka tries to fight off Alex's advances. Joy and Bob's (Dave Foley) Paris wedding plans get derailed when they find out there's a baby available for adoption in Las Vegas. Elka tries to convince Zed to move the production to Cleveland. Hot In Cleveland Season 1 Episode 1-3 Compilation | Hunnyhaha by Hunnyhaha. The ladies head to L.A. to meet Zed Simms, the creator of Victoria's new TV show. Joy and Bob take Victoria for a ride-along to prepare for her detective role.

1:20. They immediately fall in love with their rental house.

Elka enlists Melanie's help when her affair with the mayor takes an unexpected turn. Sign in. Realizing that while they may be lukewarm in LA, they're hot in Cleveland, the women decide to relocate. While they're there, Victoria reconnects with a long-lost love (Huey Lewis).
Elka throws a party to sway the vote of a rival politician; Melanie questions her cute neighbor; Joy avoids romance with the Sinder app.

Wilbur's bully brings back memories for Melanie. Melanie and Sally compete over decorations. Elka stirs up romance with Jim.

Sign in . Mean while the girls and Bob try to cover-up for Elka and search for also shot him. 19:56. An unexpected guest from Joy's past shows up.

Joy and Bob try to deal with Wilbur being bullied at school. Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair.

Elka tries to bring film jobs to Cleveland. Directed by David Trainer. Victoria becomes the spokesperson for a new vodka brand.

Melanie enlists Joy's help to convince Jenna to go to medical school.


Melanie goes on a date with herself. With Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, Betty White. Joy learns something new about Bob when they take engagement photos. The gang travels to Las Vegas when Joy and Bob find out there’s a baby available for adoption. Pilot | Hot in Cleveland S01 E01 | Hunnyhaha by Hunnyhaha. The gang helps Joy's son plan the rehearsal dinner for his wedding.

Sign in to YouTube. Joy wants a divorce but Victoria mollifies her with a cruise and a handbag.
Joy's younger sister, Jill, comes to visit. The cast and crew discuss their favorite episodes, bloopers and behind-the-scenes moments.

Victoria hires a bodyguard.

One Thing Or A Mother | Hot in Cleveland S03 E05 | Hunnyhaha by Hunnyhaha.

Joy's new hairstyle backfires when she meets Owen's office crush.

Victoria reconnects with a long-lost love. Hot In The women take DNA tests to learn about their ancestries; Melanie pretends to be someone else. Victoria tries to get a new driver's license photo.

The Best of Elka (Compilation) | Hot In Cleveland by TV Land. After the Mayor's death in Elka's bed she assumes the duties as acting Mayor. Melanie deals with a temperamental chef; Victoria tries to impress a restaurant critic. Sign in to YouTube. getTV is a trademark of CPT Holdings, Inc. © 2020 CPE US Networks III Inc. All rights reserved.

Then, Joy and Bob continue their adventure to pick up a baby available for adoption in Las Vegas. Unfortunately there was a harmonica amongst Elke's husband's booty which is her only friend in jail until Elke discovers her cell mate is a member of "the Family" …

They never make it to Paris, though -- when the stricken plane lands in Cleveland, the women suddenly find they're popular with the men there.

20:47 . About Hot in Cleveland: Three 40-something best friends from Los Angeles are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Inspirational coffee sleeves encourage the women to try new things. Elka and Mamie Sue welcome British royalty to Cleveland.

Mortified by an old Christmas movie she made, Victoria tries to get the rights from her ex-husband, Ernie Hudson.

Realizing that all the norms from Los Angeles don't apply anymore, they decide to celebrate a city that values real women and stay where they're still considered hot.

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