The ASPCA has a long list here: Edited to add a few common houseplants that ARE toxic to cats: Philodendron (including Monstera — I’m so sad about that! (and quite the fun plant imo!

You might be talking about Thanks for the feedback. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure a cat lives in a safe and healthy environment. I may seriously move apartments next year if need be to take up this hobby.Tl;dr: have two cats, would like a list/ideas of cat safe plants to look into for a beginner because cats have established they will chew/full on swallow plants sometimes. What houseplants are toxic to cats?

I would rather not expose my cats to ANY toxic plants, even ones that are just "unpleasant." My local nursery told me this actually wasn't important and I could get plants toxic for cats and just sort of watch them, but after the palm I don't want to risk any issues. I was wondering if anyone had an easy access list or some ideas off the top of their heads of plants they know are safe for cats, to make the search a bit easier than going one by one. Just get those with spikes that are staying in place, not those tiny hair like spikes that stay in anything that touches the plant...I also have a cat and got a spiderplant + parlor palm, kangaroo paw fern, prayer plant. I am a longtime cat lady, newer plant lady, and have been slowly building up my collection of cat-safe plants. Finally, don’t take the chance, even if you think that hanging plant is out of reach.

I have a few different "palms", cacti, pothos, spider plant, dragon trees, arrowhead plant, and english ivy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

Hello! They also thrive on neglect, barely have to water them, don’t have very strict light requirements.These are actually toxic to cats, but I've found the same thing - my cat totally ignores it because it's an unappealing texture. and continued to trip balls. I've had the same luck with other waxy plants, like Hoyas (some of which are non-toxic).Spider plants are non-toxic to cats but they will probably munch on them. (I can't remember which ones I have, but th big and fast growing one. However, I'd like to only get "cat safe plants" to be on the safe side. Cat Safe Plants. There are so many great options that are nontoxic to cats. My local nursery told me this actually wasn't important and I could get plants toxic for cats and just sort of watch them, but after the palm I don't want to risk any issues. :(The calpoison list indicates that those plants are nontoxic to humans. As are Dracaenas (Dracaena cvv. One of them was obsessed, but only chewed the leaves (not swallowing). I have one cat who will chew on anything - I even have to hide my shoes from him.I get so confused because the ASPCA and Cal Poison lists definitely conflict a lot.


All but the ivy are happy :)New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA community focused on the discussion, care, and well-being of houseplants!Press J to jump to the feed. )As for pet safe, the spider plant should be safe, I think?

Another reddit user suggested I sprinkle cayenne pepper on the leaves/soil because my cat also likes to munch on the leaves, and that has worked well (especially since he got some in his eye - now he runs away any time I take the cayenne pepper out of the cupboard)Oddly enough, my cats leave my pothos and arrow head plants seems like they know that those are not tasty. Cat-Safe Plants 1. ), Tulip.i Have Crotons, Dieffenbachias, Philodendrons and all kind of poisonous plants, mi cats have eaten them and they seem immunized, i was carefull with having those plants around them, but they managed to get to them and bite the shit out of them.I'm glad your cats seem okay, and hope they truly are. Here is a list of 18. The Latin name is going to be the most specific.For example, I might not know what an Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is, but I will know if I have Also, a few plants you listed as dangerous are actually safe:Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are a bit of an oddball.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The fact that your cats managed to access plants you were "careful" about is why I posted this list - cats are smart, agile, and stubborn, and keeping anything out of their reach feels temporary at best!Just some advice: When providing a list of plants, list as many names as you can, and ALWAYS include the Latin, and pictures of the plant in question. 90% of houseplants are "toxic" to pets, meaning that your pet might get a little stomach upset if they eat them. But yeah, imperfect system. Ignore username; boyfriend jokingly suggested it and I immediately used it so joke's on him. I’ve seen a few questions on here by other cat owners, and have often seen commenters recommend toxic plants or blow off concerns that cats might chew on their owner’s toxic plants. My intent with this list was to provide people with some suggestions for safe plants to look for so they don't get frustrated with the endless Pothos and Philodendrons easily found for sale.I keep seeing jade listed as poisonous, but the latin name you used is different.

Another cat ate a leaf, and "luckily" she vomited it right back up, but she was howling in pain! Sorry if this is an overdone topic, I honestly don't know how to search in a subreddit yet and scrolled a few pages to check.I have two cats. )Get some cacti. )"Lily" is vague. However, I'd like to only get "cat safe plants" to be on the safe side. Visitors are encouraged to submit requests as well as help out with identification. Can you give me any insight?

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