Sautee your trinity down in some oil, then add your stock. for chicken in one pack is 5 or 6 so might need 6 pack chicken and for sausage gumbo which have 2 - 6 each in one would be 7 - 10 pack of sausage gumbo. Serving ribs as a second entrée’ one full rack would feed 4 – 5 people, again, depending on the makeup of your group.These are both a great addition to your buffet as they are hearty and simple to serve....... you just put in a Crockpot for your guests to help themselves to. OR MORE OF PORK/BEEF OR GUMBO, STEW AND SIDE ORDERS BY THE GALLON. Making gallons of gumbo presents new challenge to cooking.

When in doubt, always err on the side of providing too much water, rather than too little. <>

%PDF-1.5 Rice ½ cup 2 lbs. And that's fine, because as we stated earlier part of the fun of cooking gumbo is the shared experience of having everybody join in the fun.Making a small pot of gumbo takes a lot of work, that's for certain.
One quart will give you about 6 – 7 small cups of gumbo and about 4 -5 small cups of stew. 40 to 50 cups. I would err on the safe side, and budget half a gallon of water per chicken per day to start.

8 lbs. While roux is browning, steam okra and make sure all seafood is thawed.When roux is brown, add all diced veggies and stir constantly, scraping bottom well, until veggies are translucent.Turn off heat; add okra, tomatoes, parsley, thyme, cayenne, black pepper, Lawry's, bay leaves, Worcestershire sauce, chicken stock, and seafood stock.Stir mixture well, add water, stir again, and bring to a boil over medium-high heat (stir frequently until a full boil is reached to prevent sticking).Allow gumbo to boil for roughly 30 minutes, or until desired thickness is achieved (gumbo is ready when it begins sticking to bottom, and bubbles begin to gather near the center of the pot).In the meantime, clean shrimp to remove shell pieces, and lump crabmeat (check all seafood for freshness before adding to gumbo).When gumbo is finished boiling, add all seafood and allow returning to a boil (roughly 2-3 minutes).Turn off heat and whisk in file, a little at a time.Divide gumbo into half place an ice bat into each tub, and place into freezer.When gumbo has completely cooled, label, date, and store under refrigeration.Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our For example, if you have three chickens and are choosing between a one-gallon and a five-gallon waterer, buy the five-gallon. For catering we use the Costanza small dinner roll......this will give you approximately 5 sandwiches per pound, because it is a smaller sandwich many of your guests may eat two. 1 decade ago. Then add your choice of mixed meat/seafood: 10 lbs chopped Chicken. endobj Add the roux and stock and he's got 15+ gallons of Gumbo. I talked shop with an old coworker and he said he uses old 2 gallon pickle buckets and does 2 gallons of each vegetable and meat and eyeballs his stock. i'd cook the roux in a separate pot just because crawfish pots aren't that thick at the bottom.
If adding a second meat, we generally recommend averaging 1.5 pieces per person.A full rack of ribs is 12 individual rib bones. Orders that go out Thursday must be shipped Overnight. Facebook Share. Here's Otis2's recipe for about 12 or so gallons of gumbo. Orders that are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday can be sent Fedex 2-day. I "think" I recall him saying this fed about 100 people. liquid smoke (add near end of cooking time) Once all ingredients are added, slowly bring to a boil. Northwest Louisiana Battle of the Gumbo Gladiators contestants share challenges of tweaking recipes to feed hundreds.

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