The base is welded up out of 1" x 1" square steel tubing, with 1" x 1/4" flat stock attached to the wooden top.See the video below to watch me build this, or continue into this instructable to read a detailed description of all the steps!To start this project your gonna need a slice off a log.

After I removed the bark and washed it, I let it dry in direct sunlight for an additional 2 weeks, rotating it as necessary. (My log came from a very old pine tree, so it was quite sappy.)4. Then it was just a matter of putting 2 coats of poly on everything. Drill a few holes into whatever lumber you have to accept the legs, insert the legs, apply some glue and voila, you have just finished your first rustic furniture piece. Several years ago my workplace had to chop down a large tree, a horse chestnut which was threatening the building. And, if I do end up cutting wood cookies for a customer, I literally cut and run. A moisture meter helps to let you know when the log is dry enough.

If you have a kiln, you can make bigger slices. Also get one that’s already level, or at least somewhat.

I spoke with Jim, founder of Weatherall and former NASA engineer, and he advised me on the product choice. (Author’s update: When I built the two pieces, I had two different styles of tables. To stop it bowing in the middle, a frame was made out of cheap pine timber, a couple of mm wider than the router base.

But like the ancient craftsmen I used what I had available and this method worked like a charm.

The 1-Hour Workbench / Outfeed Table // Woodworking DIY - Duration: 7:33. It's now been in my house six months now with no additional cracking. Adding wheels is a good idea because this wooden table design will … Thanks, Drew I still steer away from cutting wood cookies and do my best to direct customers away from them as well.

I immediately called them to ask if I could have slabs of the widest part of the tree stump which was still standing. Get a log that’s already the approximate height you want. Hey Drew, the bandsaw is a Bosch BSH180BL 18v potable bandsaw: I believe the max cut capacity is 2.5", its a great handheld unit and I find myself using it more than my 3 other "industrial" bandsaws that are floor mounted. Not sure why it was felled, but I'll be so happy to get those pieces.

This look can be very interesting, but if you prefer a completely smooth vertical, watch out for them. It wound up being a 16" x 16" square.Heres a little tip for squaring up stock on a belt grinder.If you square a piece of scrap material (aluminum steel, even wood works) on both the X and Y Axis you can make a fence that will allow you to make your material perfectly square.I use an aluminum block, first squaring it to the flat platten, then squaring the platten to the work rest.

Blessings to you! premium […] We mentioned tackling a DIY project we were pretty excited about weekend before last — well we finally got it finished and this is it. This might take several weeks if the log has been out in the elements. Use whatever wood is available that is just part of what makes rustic furniture unique. This allows the wood to cure slowly without splitting or checking, and prevents over drying. I'd suggest sealing or painting every bit of your log so it doesn't weep all over your carpet & etc. Nice job man, always said if you clean all your welds with the grinder, that makes you a grinder, not a welder. Cut a plank to desired tabletop size, or nail together several thinner beams to form a slatted top. Can you tell me what type/brand of poly you used? It's super easy to work with and clean up is about as minimal as it gets.

This technique has been used by woodworkers for centuries.Great tutorial! I want the base to weather, like the top will, and it it gets really rusty, that might look great! What is your recommendation?

In this project I take a slice off a log (also known as a "cookie") and turn it in to a side table! I am guessing they were branches that hadn't formed. With a pack of sanding discs I worked through 60 to about 400 I think - until the surface was smooth enough to reflect light.There were some voids where the tree had grown and left gaps - the smaller ones of these I filled with some sawdust (from the sanding, to match the colour) and woodglue mixed. From here it was a simple glue up using an exterior glue, I used Elmer’s exterior wood glue. 4 years ago

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