I have a cutting board, made by those guys; My guess is one of the chemical treatments, either PEG or Pentcryl. We saved some tree rounds (large logs) from a tree that fell into our yard during Hurricane Matthew. My co-worker Katy Muldoon, an Oregonian writer Katy Muldoon, has her own version. In other words, my relationship with things covered in bark bites.Maybe that's why I get such a huge kick out of watching Marcia's eyes light up when there's free wood to be had.For example, when a eucalyptus tree in our backyard gave up the ghost -- died, even -- we had the arborist who cut it down leave some of it for us instead of hauling it away, and turned the logs into a series of very natural-looking, functional steps in our garden (but that's another column).When a client Marcia was working with had a madrone bite the dust, she turned it into a gazebo that still towers over a water feature in our yard, which made for an ideal setting for our son to get married in five years ago.When it comes to finding innovative ways to make something out of wood, there's not much Marcia can't do. Slicing at an angle will help a lot, but the angle needs to be pretty steep, like 45 degrees. I would try both a cut straight across the log and one at an angle and see what happens.I have a very large red oak tree that has to be removed. The wood is dry when it stops losing weight. Even if treated with Pentacryl the wood can still split. Make sure you check, because the last thing you want to do is bring bugs into your house. If your chunks are truly dried throughout before cutting the cookies they shouldn’t crack any more than they are now.

I would cut more than one slice, let them dry for a few months and see what happens.

I normally use epoxy to fill large voids and it will work in this case as well. Move to parallel-grain sanding with the 80-grit belt when all joints are flat, then switch to 120- and 180-grit belts, also run parallel to the grain. Then sanded and finished with Watco Danish oil and a few coats of poly. I am just trying to avoid catastrophic breakage of the complete cookie!I think you are wasting time. I have two 6″ thick, 36-40″ diameter cookies from an ash tree that was cut down today. As i mentioned we are more or less alright with the crack but just don’t want it to turn catastrophic, as you said.It won’t hurt anything to finish it, assuming that it is relatively dry. I am going to fill some open areas with epoxy as well as remove the bark.You have passed the time to worry about stabilizing the wood.

As woodworkers, it is critical to understand how wood shrinks Drying quartersawn lumber is easy, relatively speaking, and almost always produces wood that doesn’t split. From spalting, to curly grain as well as wacky shaped pieces and unbelievably gorgeous slabs.We are open for retail sales of lumber and slabs from 8 a.m. – noon on Saturdays and by appointment during the week. Marcia grew up on a place her family called "the ranch."

Throughout the US, the range is about 6%-11%.Thanks….I’m in the UK, the rounds will be for indoor use eventuallyGood question. I used linseed oil since the stump will remain indoors. I still steer away from cutting wood cookies and do my best to direct customers away from them as well. Keener sanded them, then coated them in water seal waterproofing stain. And sanding. I was wondering when is the wood considered dried? Thanks! When we had to take down a pin oak two or three years ago, I had the tree guys cut several cookies for me. Hopefully, you will get lots of small cracks instead of one big one that completely breaks.My mom received some cookie trivets that are about an inch thick and they split just like in your picture. We are trying to determine how quickly we should put a finish on them.

The split is already a couple inches apart and has started to separate the rings towards the middle (the pith is off-center). he said it works well…can’t hurt to try right?I know what the Pentacryl does. This wood is very green and I’m concerned all of my effort may be a waste of time.Pentacryl will definitely help, but it isn’t foolproof. I was hoping to pond float it for a year or so to prevent the drying damage.

I use burr wood to fill or cover many large faults and it looks as though it is a deliberate attractive design feature.

for two weeks on the really big cuts. The slabs are 37 inches in diameter and about 3-4 inches thick right now, before finishing.

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