Fatespeeker becomes interested on Queen Battlewinner, and badgers Starflight to meet her. Honestly, most of the fandom had suspected Sundew was the LGBT+ protagonist for a while.

He meets back up with his friends and they start traveling to the Kingdom of the Sea. Glory discovers a secret tunnel to the Sand Kingdom, where she meets Deathbringer, a NightWing planning to kill her. SkyWings believe animus dragons, and dragons with firescales, are too dangerous to live.
They live in slavery and are forced to be servants to the HiveWings. There are a few dragons who consider scavengers as valuable pets. The current queen of the NightWings is Queen Glory of the Rainwings. Sundew gave her flowers and explained everything that she had done since she was gone. Legends: Darkstalker takes place from 3006 A.S. to 3017 A.S. Thank u! I remember Sundew saying she had a crush but i though it was Willow. "Sundew, Sundew, WHERE ARE WE GOING?"

Glory and her friends go to the rainforest. Morrowseer finds out who his father is, and he meets his father, Mastermind. The current queen of the SandWings is Queen Thorn.

I think that Wildew are sooooo cute together. After the Tree Wars, the LeafWings were believed to be extinct, but they were actually hiding within the Poison Jungle, which was too dangerous for the other tribes to attack them. I love that the community is getting more representation. Deathbringer and Clay come to rescue Glory and Kinkajou and escape to the rainforest just in time, planning to rescue other RainWings when they come back with backup. How are people getting the book before it comes out Willow is a young female LeafWing who was introduced in The Hive Queen. SandWings are a very musical tribe and enjoy playing instruments. Unlike any other tribe, SilkWings are born with no wings; they have to go through a process at the age of six where they spin themselves a cocoon and enter Metamorphosis, a sleep that lasts for five days while they grow their wings.
The two factions despised each other, but at the end of The current queen of the SapWings is Queen Hazel, who took over after her great-grandmother, Queen Sequoia, lost her free will to the Othermind. Cricket, Bumblebee and HiveWings older than about fifty years are the only HiveWings known who are immune to Queen Wasp's mind control. Their scales can be blue or green or aquamarine, and they have stripes and markings along their bodies that can glow. It is definitely Willow. Where dragons are poisoned and dragons are dying This all changed when Glory came along and won the Royal RainWing Challenge, becoming the new queen of the RainWings. They use the river flowing through the caves, but Queen Scarlet ambushes them using their smoke signal as a guide. Like IceWings, NightWings like to believe that they are superior to all other tribes, and can be pretty arrogant and proud. It originated when Queen Oasis of the SandWings was murdered by a group of scavenger siblings, Heath, Stone, and Rose, who were seeking to steal the treasure that Oasis owned; they were caught in the crime scene by the queen herself, they killed her and Stone and Heath got away with the treasure, while Rose was left behind, at the palace, believed to be dead by her brothers. It's successful, but the volcano explodes and Starflight becomes blind. The tribe is ruled by an aristocracy divided into seven ranks, or "circles". Willow met Sundew at a pond, when Sundew was chasing after a frog that had stolen her sugar-coated grasshopper. Here are mine: Odollam, oak, palm, ivy, oleander, orchid, knapweed, nightshade, spruce, almond, iris, clove, garlic, snakeroot, tobbaco Blaze survived the war and was granted permission by Queen Thorn to continue living in the palace. Before she can get a closer look, a Nightwing drags her of to the rainforest. The third arc is incomplete and is still in progress, as so far three books have been released, with the fourth being scheduled to be released December 2020. Turns out we were right! Sundew said that she had a crush on Willow, but didn't say if he liked her back. This is an interesting "Easter egg," as violets were once used as a sort of code by lesbian and bisexual women. SkyWings are capable of giving birth to animus dragons, but these dragonets were thrown off a cliff as soon as it became clear what they were. They live in the Sky Kingdom, high up in the mountains. Willow explained her daring rescue plan that she was thinking up. She has good intentions toward most dragons, (especially Sundew) except those with evil or threatening intentions, as shown when she kills Hawthorn and she hates the Sundew and Willow continued to meet each other in the same spot for four years. Unlike the other tribes, RainWings having pets is common, with sloths being the most popular pet choice. Or none of the tribes will survive. I don’t know why but I don’t think that two female dragons should be together. Some SandWings also enjoy getting tattoos. Some SilkWings can be born with a rare ability called flamesilk, in which their silk is made of fire, this abiliy will be unleashed after their metamorphosis. However, in a few rare cases, the HiveWing might be entirely black except for a few red/orange/yellow scales scattered around their body. Other known scavengers are Winter's pet scavenger, which he named Bandit, and the two scavengers Sunny met in The Othermind is an intelligent organism that exists within a network of plants known as the Breath of Evil. Dragons are not the only sentient beings in the world of Scavengers are the humans of the dragon world and can be found on both Pyrrhia and Pantala. l made a joint scratch account with my girlfriend, just because we can. A secret lurks inside their eggs. They're planning to hand Sunny over to Burn, so she'll help them take over the rainforest sunny escapes, and she follows the three nightwings. NightWings with future-sighting could even deliver prophecies. She quickly discovers that life there wasn't what she'd imagined.

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