(Also 2 more Soulwood books.) That’s 14 JY books and 3 Soulwood books. It means that I can add new books to a series and not get bored with it.

It will be coming soon!Conflict is the Driving Force to Character Development Book 12, DARK QUEEN will be released on May 1, and I have two other JY books under contract after that. That sounds boring. The most recent book in the series is Shattered Bonds. The book is still being written, and is not currently on the publishing scheduled. That’s a lot of books. Knowing these four rules allows a writer to create a long-running series without killing off every single character and starting over with new ones.If you want a signed copy of DARK QUEEN, watch the blog for the order link. Jane has no memory of her early life. Faith introduced Jane Yellowrock in 2009’s Skinwalker. But Leo has been issued a blood challenge by the emperor of the European vampires, who seeks to usurp all of his power and possessions. All this conflict is leading to a climax of change in the vamp world and a change in Jane’s personal character development. And hopefully Now you know all my secrets. The title of next Jane Yellowrock novel will be True Dead. Those hidden memories (not totally lost memories) are some of the Here is another example: Jane was vomiting up blood every time she bubbled time. Book 12 in the Jane Yellowrock series. Then you’ve got the external conflict that Jane, who kills insane vampires who are killing humans—that’s what she does, she tracks them and kills them—by the time we’re in book fourteen, she has not only been working for the vampires to keep peace in the vampire community because that keeps her friends, the witches, and humans safe, but she also has found a position of power among them.

SHATTERED BONDS. I didn’t say. Release date: 10-07-14 Language: English 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,809 ratings I will admit at the outset that I have read and enjoyed every Jane Yellowrock book that's been published so I began reading Dark Queen with a bit of preferential bias, but what happened as I read that book was magical.

Find the entire list to date of Jane Yellowrock urban fantasy book … I received this book as an ARC and had to wait for release date to review.....Love the Jane Yellowrock series! Faith Hunter has a proven knack for immersing the reader in the Yellowrock world, so a sense of "being there" is one of her great strengths as a writer. They did get the date of the book releases wrong, and they misspelled my agent’s name, but the gist of the release is correct. As Enforcer to the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans, Jane Yellowrock stakes her reputation and her life on keeping her territory safe. I’ve been asked many times how I could plan for such a long-running series (and dozens of shorts and novellas) when publishing contracts come in 2s and 3s. You have been asking about new books — wanting to know how many there will be in the Jane Yellowrock and the Soulwood series.

It’s 4 writing devices. She goes from hating them to working with her worst enemy.” All that personal conflict rides on top of the conflict of the Mithrans. Why? But it really isn’t. As you know, I’ve written a long series in the Jane Yellowrock world. And this means what? Title Reveal for Jane Yellowrock # 14 (drumroll) and interview with Moi, at MonsterComplex Train Wreck (not really) by admin | Jan 22, 2020 | Jane Yellowrock News We think it’s traumatic amnesia, not realizing it is much more.

“I offered my editor several choices,” she told me, “and she came back with some other suggestions, and marketing just approved the title for book fourteen.”Faith shared with me how her character has grown over the last dozen-plus novels. The most important one for a long series is what I call the Example? I know. There will be MORE BOOKS! “Jane started out as a sort of ‘paranormal biker chick-meets-“That’s the internal conflict. Publisher’s Weekly announced the answer to that yesterday. This is book 10 and every book we learn a little bit more of who Jane is and what has happened to her.

So I am sharing the answer here for the first time. If Leo loses… Read More .

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