)Bixby was born in San Francisco, the only child of parents who sent him to UC Berkeley, hoping he would become a lawyer or a businessman. At the same time, he auditioned for theater roles. “He’d point to a laceration on his knee and I’d say, ‘That’s nothing.’ Action shows are always strenuous and you know that as David is the target on the Hulk that there are going to be some injuries.“I’ve had broken ribs, broken fingers. After almost graduating, he left his native San Francisco, to travel to Los Angeles, where he became a lifeguard and a bellhop.Two years later, in 1959, two executives noticed him and hired him immediately for commercial work and modeling, in Detroit, Michigan. He also was the illusionist and escape artist with a clouded past in “The Magician,” a panelist on the quiz show “Masquerade Party” and host of the PBS children’s series “Once Upon a Classic.”He did have one major stage appearance to his credit, “Under the Yum Yum Tree,” and appeared in the musical comedy’s film version.

He married her in late 1993 [28] , just six weeks before he collapsed on the set of Blossom . He was survived by his second wife, Judith Kamman Kliban (who later married actor Bill Bixby shortly before Bixby's death in 1993); brother, Ken, of New York City; and two daughters: Kalia, from his first marriage; and Sarah, from another relationship.

American Actor We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Bixby additionally served as host for two shows targeting younger viewers: \\"Against the Odds\\", a series of biographies of prominent people, frequently from history, for the Nickelodeon cable channel; and \\"Once Upon a Classic\\", a collection of British TV adaptations of literary classics on PBS.

On November 15, days before his death, Bixby grew weak while directing the series "Blossom" in L.A. Contribute. Prior to going public with his cancer, he directed a TV movie starring Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold, The Woman Who Loved Elvis (1993), which was his final directing project.Unfortunately, the cancer returned by mid-1993 and, on November 21, 1993, six days after directing his last episode on \\"Blossom\\" (1991), Bill Bixby died at age 59 in his home after a two-year battle with cancer. Make Yahoo Your Home Page. For over 30 years, he was in great demand and his big roles and directing credits have been a personal testimony to his fans. And parents can watch with their children, without embarrassment.

Bernard Kliban died at UCSF Medical Center aged 55 of a pulmonary embolism; he had undergone heart surgery there two weeks previously. Bixby was the authoritative host of such television specials as “The Elvis Files” in 1991 and “The Elvis Conspiracy” and “The Marilyn Files” in 1992. He also directed TV movies such as Baby of the Bride (1991) and Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind (1991).In April 1991, while directing one of his last movies, he became very ill and was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In late 1992, friends introduced Bixby to the artist Judith Kliban, widow of the cartoonist B. Kliban. At first, he hid his illness from the cast and crew, until one of the producers found out, and then he announced publicly that he wanted to continue working until he could no longer do so. He transferred to the University of California-Berkeley, where he majored in the pre-law program, but never stopped falling in love with his interest in acting.

From 1978 through 1982 and in several reunion reprises, Bixby played Banner, a soft-spoken scientist who had accidentally suffered an overdose of gamma rays. In mid-1992, while his cancer continued to be in remission, Bixby returned to work as a director to direct several episodes of the popular NBC sitcom, Blossom (1990), where he became the main director of the show.

He was nominated several times for an Emmy and, for “Rich Man, Poor Man,” was nominated for a Director’s Guild award.“Directing,” he commented, “is my Social Security when there’s no more market for me as an actor.”His pleasant but commanding voice also served him well as a longtime spokesman for Radio Shack and as narrator of industrial films for General Motors and Chrysler. They were joined at sunset on a hillside in Marin County with only themselves, a minister and a witness present. He also was known to personally deliver autographed pictures to children who had written him, and spent one year improving his golf game, reducing his handicap from 17 to 10.“I am energy-filled,” he said. Judith Kliban and Bill Bixby were married for 11 months before Bill Bixby died aged 59.. About. Judith Kliban's relationship with Bill Bixby ended when Bill Bixby died on November 21, 1993.

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