According to the episode, she and Charles are now separated.

It’s okay, she sent a heart emoji.It’s worth noting that Alex Cox admitted in court to trying (and failing) to kill Lori’s previous husband, Joseph Ryan in 2007. We can always count on a Dateline episode being a good story, but Lori Vallow's is especially enthralling. Police first alerted the public that the children were missing in December after JJ's grandmother hadn't heard from the boy for months. Keith Morrison tracks down a tip, uncovering Lori and Chad hiding in Hawaii. Records show that JJ was enrolled at a local elementary school.Tylee Ryan was last seen Sept. 8 in Yellowstone National Park in photographs with her family. episodes, Keith Morrison and the team are called in after the dust has settled, telling the story of an overturned wrong conviction, or of a cold case that was finally brought to justice. ""They were just this bustling, busy family," Woodcock told "Dateline," with their lives "built around" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.They lived in the Phoenix area for years, at one point relocating to Hawaii for two years.However, around the beginning of 2019, things began changing for the family. It felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket or a cocoon, and I felt extremely happy," he wrote.He said he saw two relatives, including his late grandfather, who "explained the tasks I needed to accomplish" and "asked if I would be willing to fulfill the assignments he had outlined, and I agreed to do so." Lori's children Joshua JJ Vallow -7 & Tylee Ryan -16, went missing in Sept. 2019. With two missing children and two deceased spouses, Chad and Lori have yet another suspicious death connected to them.

Daybell wrote a voice told him to cling to a rock as the wave crashed down. Lori always had an excuse “JJ is at a friend’s house” or “JJ is in the shower”, before long, no one had seen or heard from JJ or Tylee in months. Lori Vallow's former friend says Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell tried to use her as an escape and were equally destructive to each other. Alex claims that he and Charles had an altercation, and he shot Charles in self-defense.Footage from first responders at the scene is shown in the episode, and it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see how bizarrely calm and almost jovial Lori was immediately after Charles’s murder. episode, “Where are the Children?” aired on February 14th, 2020. Both news organizations were in Hawaii when Lori Vallow and her new husband, Chad Daybell, were served search warrants on Jan. 26. Vallow also was charged with resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court.By early March, the mother was extradited to Idaho to face charges. It was about 9 months later than things spun out of control. Charles Vallow claimed Lori Vallow didn't want anything to do with him or JJ "because she had a more important mission to carry out." While the coronavirus pandemic delayed Vallow's case, she remained in custody in Idaho. JJ was diagnosed with autism, and the Woodcocks said they were busy running a business, so the Vallows offered to adopt the child.Colby Ryan, the children's older brother, described JJ in a YouTube video as "such a character. It is at this time that It comes out that Lori has sold JJ’s service dog, and packed up Tylee and JJ’s belongings. He was so obsessed with having surgery or giving people surgery. Between their hasty departure in Idaho and their arrival in Hawaii, no one knows exactly where the couple was. JJ’s grandparents finally call the police, who go to perform a welfare check at Lori Vallow’s home.

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