The preanal pores are found on both male and female African fat-tailed geckos. Easy to care for, inexpensive, and docile, they also make great first reptile pets. So, the seller will not be always able to tell the gender of a baby reptile.To determine your lizard’s gender, you need to pay attention to so called sexual dimorphisms. So what do these pores look like you ask? Pre-anal pores: Male leopard geckos have a distinct V-shaped row of pre-anal pores in front of their vent. This is around the age of 1.5-2. Typically, you can sex leopard geckos at around three to four months of age if you have some experience in doing so but it gets easier as the leopard gecko gets older. Juvenile leopard geckos, unlike adult leopard geckos, can be very difficult to sex. This is very common with other animals too, such as mammals and birds. Look for the consistent line of pores to ensure the animal is a male. The best age and size to determine crested gecko’s sex is when it turns around 8 months old, or reaches about 3 inches (7.6cm) in length, whatever first.Determining crested gecko’s gender by looking at the preanal pores is challenging. We sell a nice one that has both 30x and 60x magnifications and LED lights to help you see what you're trying to see. The only time I will guarantee a sex is if it says Male or Female. I was told I had a female. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. As your African fat-tailed gecko reaches maturity you will notice that a male's head will enlarge. Unlike in many other lizards, both male and female crested geckos have similar rows of scales with pores. I would not recommend deciding the gender by only comparing lizards’ sizes, as this is not a definitive indication.If you are having a difficulty with identifying your lizard’s gender, try visiting a reptile veterinarian.They can use a special surgical probe and insert in into the lizard’s cloaca. How would I sex them? Easy to care for, inexpensive, and docile, they also make great first reptile pets. While most iguanas, geckos and anoles have larger males, other lizard types have bigger females.Females of knob-tailed geckos are often bigger, with wider hips. Taking all that into consideration, I'd say your gecko's female. However, using these characteristics alone will not guarantee that your gecko is a male or female. Some geckos and bearded dragons leave their sticky secretions around the terrarium, to mark their space.Please note, that trying to figure out lizard’s gender by looking at preanal or hip pores will not always give you positive results. I’ve seen plenty of articles who mentioned the “pores,” but never explained the black dot thing. With blood test, male lizards will have higher testosterone (male hormone) levels, than female lizards.It is easy to tell bearded dragon’s sex when it turns 3-6 months old. Both male and female crested geckos have a row of scales with pores on the bottom of the belly. Sometimes it's quite easy to tell, especially if your gecko is a bit older. The pores usually show before the hemipenal bulge so they are considered to be a more accurate way of determining gender in a young creste than looking for a bulge alone. As well, these pores will show up months before the bulge shows up- sometimes around 4-5 months of age. Both male and female crested geckos grow to a moderate size of 4 to 5 inches excluding tail length), and 8-9 inches in total length including their tails. It is recommended to wait until your leopard gecko is at least six months of age before sexing them. The chances are that if you have more than one leopard gecko, you’re going to want to house them together. However, these preanal pores are more noticeable in males while they are mostly invisible in females. Read our So, good news, I’ve finally been able to sex my crested gecko, with probably around 90% certainty. The best way to determine a crested gecko’s sex is to wait until it reaches 5-8 months and check if it has started developing a hemipenal bulge. It can be nearly impossible to tell the difference between a male and a female

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