For a while, their family had difficulty locating them. 'Our honeymoon, our first year of married life was robbed from us. "Heard one of the tour guys yell 'run' and we just took off. 'I actually thought I had gone blind because I couldn't see a thing. 'We had been so busy organizing the wedding that it made sense to let Royal Caribbean do most of the thinking for us. There was no reason this had to happen. 'My body was literally sizzling,' said Lauren, 33, fighting back tears in an exclusive interview with 'But Matt is the one person who understands my feelings. "You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. 'But just how close, Matthew and Lauren - now scarred from head to toe and facing at least a dozen more surgeries in the coming months - could never have imagined. 'This is the time when Matt and I were going to start to have a family but obviously we've had to put all that on hold. 'The patterns of signals [were] similar to those through the 2011-2016 period and suggest[ed] that Whakaari/White Island may be entering a period where eruptive activity is more likely than normal. 'But that's when we heard the tour guide yell, run. I had forgotten I had sunglasses on and they were completely covered in dust. 'Rand Paul 'attacked' by BLM protester after attending RNCMelania appears to give Ivanka a very frosty look at the RNCRand Paul and his wife confronted by BLM mob after RNCListen to police scanner audio from Jacob Blake shootingU.S. And all because Royal Caribbean wanted money over protecting our safety,' the couple say The White Island crater of New Zealand is pictured erupting just moments before the couple and 21 others were consumed by the molten ash The $259 excursion was organized by the cruise line. 'Monitored parameters show[ed] further increases in activity. "As 1950s icon calls it a day, Vegemite is in search of a modern-day starSatellite images show widespread destruction from Hurricane LauraPerth man charged with deliberately driving Ford Falcon into pedestrian "It was the darkest, most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life," Matt said. We are no longer accepting comments on this article.Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group We were on our honeymoon, I was there celebrating my love for my new husband. 'They say they would never have gone to White Island if they had known that experts raised warning levels just three weeks earlier because of seismic activity and rising sulfur levelsLauren is still battling a lung infection, but her husband helps by performing scar massage therapy on her To date they have both had a dozen surgeries each, with a similar number or more scheduled for the next six months to lessen the scarring and help their mobilityMatthew wears an arm sleeve to cover up his scars and protect his skin during the healing process Matthew was burned on most of his body and was in the hospital for nearly two months Taken to two different hospitals, the pair were separated for the next two months, Lauren too distressed by her wounds to even let her husband of three months see her on video calls.The couple were flown back to the US in late January. Then in a few seconds my entire body changed,' she told Join Facebook to connect with Matt Urey and others you may know. Lauren shows the burn scars on her chin and neckMatthew, 36, showed his scars to that  cover the majority of his arms and legs The couple are picture standing near the crater just moments before the eruption on December 9, 2019 Woman thrown into sea by explosion on motorboat in ItalyWomen robbed in their buildings amid New York City crime waveListen to police scanner audio from Jacob Blake shootingU.S. "I was absolutely convinced this was the end for both of us. It was scalding hot, agonizing, we were getting pelted with rocks.

'It felt like an eternity. Matt and Lauren were married on October 18, 2019 and this cruise was part of their honeymoon. 'The couple did note at the time that some parts of the island were closed off but Lauren, a medical laboratory technician, says their tour guide reassured them everything was safe. "(I) heard someone yell, 'look', turned around and saw what was a small cloud of ash," Mr Urey told 9News.

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