I’m one who does see “Perm Reference” as a selling feature. Immediately upon the payment in full of all interest and principal on all of any such bonds, the commissioner of management and budget shall certify that fact to the registrar of motor vehicles and the registrar shall, for the second calendar year and thereafter following receipt of such certification, cease to collect motor vehicle taxes at the increased rate prescribed by this subdivision.Whenever the tax on any vehicle as computed under the provisions of this section is found to be indivisible by $1, the registrar is authorized to adjust such tax to the nearest even dollar.Upon the written application of the owner of a motor vehicle registered and taxed as a commercial zone truck, a truck-tractor, a semitrailer, or any combination thereof in accordance with this section, the registrar may grant permission in writing to such owner to operate such vehicle to and from a repair shop or service station outside of its licensed zone of operation for the limited purpose of repair or servicing. This refund will be prorated monthly beginning with the first day of the month after such owner applies to amend the registration. Then when we couldn’t find a VIN on the trailer the DMV registered it as a homemade trailer.

Anything over 3000lbs is NOT eligible for lifetime trailer registration. Supposedly the dude who bought my boat can’t register the trailer until this is complete. Posts: 849.

The onetime registration tax for trailers registered for the first time in Minnesota is $55. Seems like permanent is the right word to me.Its called Lifetime trailer registration as long as you are the owner. I’m not saying to do anything illegal but there are ways if you are willing. The tabs cost around $30 and are good until you sell the trailer then the buyer has to renew in there name. The directions on the tabs say to take your license plate off and put the sticker on or near the tounge.

Go see the same clerk you used before.Ran into this in the past and the DMV had us draw a picture of the trailer we “built”… called it home made and issued us tabs for our new trailer.Just go back and get a temporary license.

The registration on the license plate is valid for the life of the trailer only if it remains registered at the same gross vehicle weight.

My oldest kid buys and scraps a lot of little rotary cars and has gotten the process down after getting burned on a couple things. (c) On all intracity buses operated by an auto transportation company in the business of transporting persons for compensation as a common carrier and operating within the limits of cities, the tax during each year of the vehicle life of each such bus shall be $2.

Second it sells, the new owner is responsible for new registration.

I’ve never seen it though.That’s why I get it done right away!

It’s only “permanent” for so long as one person owns it!It is NOT permanent, as soon as the trailer is sold, the registration needs to be transferred. Note: see session law sections for effective dates. Adding the “permanent” causes endless confusion because it makes people assume that the “permanent” applies to the trailer itself, ie once the trailer has been registered and licensed, it never needs to be dealt with again, by anyone, ever.I see boat adverts all the time that call out this “permanent” registration like it was some kind of selling feature or benefit to the new owner. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155Application; cancellation; excessive gross weight forbidden.Tax proceeds to highway user fund; fee proceeds to vehicle services account.Optional donation for education on anatomical gifts. What he said.

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