The banded pattern is present but she lacks the normal black and orange — leaving her a predominate silver or platinum coloration. The Halmaheras have a pattern of black and white or black and pink belly.These skinks usually come in strong silver, gray or yellow colors and are very popular for their ability to produce large clutches of more than 20 live-born babies.They are also known for their extreme aggressiveness, although captive-breds are more human-tolerant. Northern Blue Tongue Skink can grow up to 60 cm in length. If we all breed different species together we would only have a bunch of hybrids. While they’re still babies, they have faint patterning.Eastern skinks are another subspecies of Australia’s most common blue tongue skinks.Similar to Western skinks, they have bold black bands behind their eyes, but their banding along the body is less distinct.In general, it can grow to around 48 cm (19 inches).This blue tongue skink is recognizable from other subspecies by a short tail, a bold black band behind each eye, and a thicker patterning along the body.Its belly is normally brown. They are one of the most sought after blue tongue skinks for their beautiful sleek black color.Leucistic are lacking all pigmentation. For specific inquires please contact David or Manny through email or phone. The Tanimbar blue tongue skink (Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea) comes in a wonderful variety of colors including striking yellows, brilliant whites, and bright oranges. These species skinks are also long with a long life span of up to 30 years.Lowland blotches are less vivid in patterning than highland blotches that are distinguished by yellow, orange, and red blotches that contrast with a black background.These blue tongue skinks are found mainly in the far north-west corner of New South Wales , Australia. Take, for instance, an Iran Jaya and a Meruake or a Northern and a Shingleback?
We have hand picked all of our breeders to produce the nicest colors …

The dark eyes are a startling contrast against the pure white skin.A black blue tongued skink mated with an albino can produce a lava. There are several different species and subspecies of blue-tongued skink, all of which sport the trademark berry-blue tongue. They have become a highly in demand morph when it comes to blue tongued skinks. Blue-Tongued Skink Longetivity. The Northern blue-tongued skink is the largest blue-tongue ever discovered by humans. The belly of these skinks is a creamy color, much lighter than their backs, sides, heads and tails.The Sunset blue tongue skink is a very orange skink that is a beautiful skink. The alpine varieties are a common example, and also the lowlands.Depending on the morph in question. Morphs is one of the most widely studied areas of blue tongue skinks.However, it is quite difficult to get detailed information about its subspecies and morphs.Regardless of your level of expertise, you may still get confused about the subspecies and morphs of your skink. Eastern blue-tongued skinks are also called common blue-tongued skinks and grow to an average length of 19 inches (48 cm). The possibilities are just endless.But there’s a problem. The blue-tongued skinks are represented by a variety of species, subspecies and races native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. Two of the more common varieties in the pet trade are the northern, Some blue-tongued skinks are domestically bred, however many are imported from Indonesia and New Guinea.Blue-tongue skinks are considered to be very docile lizards, however always wash your hands before handling a skink to minimize the risk of smelling like one of their food items. Therefore, it is missing a colored pigment. Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua Intermedia) The Northern blue tongue skink is one of Australia’s most common blueys that can be found almost anywhere in the world where its breeding is not prohibited. They keep their natural eyes with the striking blue tongue, which is used to deter predators and make the skink appear dangerous.The Orange blue tongue skink is a Northern variety that is bright orange with peach orange or yellow colorations. They are shy and enjoy hiding in their shelters. It is easily identifiable and is a northern skink. They can easily obtain a total size of 61 cm (2 feet) in length with a weight of 450 gram (approx.

This is a beautiful morph that has reptile enthusiasts lining up for one. Often, they have red or cloudy eyes.There are also T+ Albino blue tongue skinks. For more information, please read our Because of this, they are often not recommended for families with kids. It's not uncommon for these skinks to have some white on their bodies, patches or parts of stripes.There are so many great morphs, but the one that stands out is the caramel blue tongue skink. This makes them unique, a stand out pattern which makes a wonderful and interesting pet.White blue tongue skinks are also called snow. There are ten types, or subspecies, of blue-tongued skink.
This skink is mainly found in the North of South Australia.

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