Polly Fry is the daughter Lord Snowdon fathered before marrying Princess Margaret.

And it was here, at the scene of those recent frolics, that they became secretly engaged. From their point of view, his intelligence, natural finesse, excellent manners and obvious devotion to Margaret spoke heavily in his favour. Dressed in dramatic silks and velvets, and wearing the famous Rosse emeralds, she would stop briefly as if for applause when she entered a theatre, opera house or ball. When he took the wedding photographs of Lady Anne Coke, daughter of the Earl of Leicester, her father dubbed him 'Tony Snapshot'.

The young Duke of Kent, the Queen's cousin, chose Tony to take the coming-of-age pictures for his 21st birthday.

It was an intoxicating, overwhelming moment. When she had sons by her new husband, Tony and Susan were relegated to second place. He has a son, Jasper William Oliver Cable-Alexander, who was born in 1998 and is the product of Snowdon's affair with Melanie Cable-Alexander, a magazine editor.

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In whatever he made he was encouraged and helped by his uncle, the artist and stage designer Oliver Messel. She had not wanted her siblings to find out in case it changed their feelings about her, nor for the news to reach Jeremy who was 80 and increasingly frail. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish asked the Princess if she was quite sure 'because you won't always know where he is and he won't always want to tell you'. Friends noted that he was seldom unkind to her, while other girls, especially if they became too clingy, could be treated with casual cruelty. What else was there left to do or conquer?For some people, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

As one friend put it later, 'it was a pretty good free-for-all there'. It wasn't like that. This did not influence Tony, many of whose closest friends were homosexual or had homosexual leanings.

But he would not be deterred. One of Tony's friends, Peter Saunders, warned: 'These people aren't for you, Tony.

Lord Snowdon with Princess Margaret in the Bahamas in 1967Nearly half a century has passed since that day in May 1960 when he married Princess Margaret, the first commoner to wed a king's daughter for 450 years. Tony's father, deeply upset, wrote: 'Boy, you would be mad to marry Princess Margaret.' . Death. His charm could be irresistible; at the same time, if he did not like someone he made it perfectly obvious with sarcastic remarks and mockery. He emerged from the infirmary with a withered left leg that was an inch shorter than the other one, and the realisation that, apart from his sister, the only person on whom he could truly rely was himself. Jacqui had to be told, too. Resentment from the acrimonious divorce hung over them like a cloud.

The resentment he must have felt about her open preference for her other sons would surface in the cruelty that edged much of his adult repartee.

Tony was always at the centre of things, lithe and startlingly good looking in a black sweater and drainpipe trousers. Though caught up in the thrill of first love, Gina realised that she could not expect fidelity: 'He couldn't buy a packet of cigarettes without flirting with the man or woman behind the counter. 'So funny to hear her reaction,' he told a friend who tried to dissuade him. And then, just a few months after meeting Gina, Tony went to a dinner party held by one of Princess Margaret's ladies-in-waiting, Lady Elizabeth Cavendish.

'Who to?' He stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, his new bride by his side and 30,000 cheering spectators below. For others, it is fame, money or social success. The twin motivating forces in the life of Antony Armstrong-Jones - the future Earl of Snowdon - were work and sex. More bruisingly, her bridegroom, the Hon. Just taking the Queen's sister on the back of his motorbike was almost unbelievable.

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She was filming at Pinewood, and Tony delegated his friend Bob Belton to drive down and break the news. He learned to separate the different aspects of his life and the people in them. Polly Fry, a member of the Fry's chocolate dynasty, has claimed that a DNA test proved that she was the illegitimate half-sister of Viscount Linley and …

Tony, with his urge to challenge accepted boundaries, was at the forefront of this new age.

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