His poncho bares a simple daisy insignia in its center. According to his mother, J.P. cannot stand directly in the sun for more than twenty seconds, otherwise "he'll combust". He can sometimes be pretty close minded as well, as he tends to ignore other people's advice in favor of his own, though he eventually sees reason.

Kelsey is very close to Craig and J.P. She views the former as her equal in terms of adventuring and the latter as a simple, naive sidekick of sorts. Angel; Episodes Edit. Something came to mind that I wanted to share. Tbh I kinda ship Craig and Jason because I love rivalry love dynamics.I kinda ship Craig and Jason because I love rivalry love dynamics.I think so especially since CN has been at the forefront of showing a lot of LGBTQ+ relationships in children's media.
Creators of the show are Ben Levin and Matt Burnett.Press J to jump to the feed. He later took comfort in the fact that he had numerous other rivals and enemies at the Creek. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Follow/Fav The Purge. Blush Sticker: Raj appears to be perpetually blushing. Just a humble asexual with a love for cartoons. He takes his role in the Creek very seriously to the point that he has managed to garner some self-importance. Craig of the Creek. What started as admiration has since evolved into genuine romantic feelings, as the two of them act shy when they are around one another.

Raj has brown dark, chocolate hair and burnt-sienna skin. In "Tea Timer's Ball", she learns that a boy named Aaron has a crush on her. In "Cousin of the Creek", he was slightly miffed when his cousin seemed to lack the enthusiasm they once shared when they were younger, though by the end they managed to find common ground. I certainly 'ship' them.I think the two of them have feelings for each other. His presence was alluded to in the episode "Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers", before he made his debut in the special "The Other Side". Thinking about Craig of the Creek right now. Cartoons Craig of the Creek. The reason for this might lead back to his own relationship with Bernard. History Talk (0) Share. He also deeply loves his mother Paula, but is only able to see her late at night when she comes home from flying.

He also has surprising intuition. He is also convinced of supernatural or above average forces such as in "Doorway to Helen" (thinking that Helen was communicating to him from another dimension) and "The Last Kid in the Creek" (believing that he wished he was the only kid in the Creek), despite clear evidence to the more obvious and practical reasoning (Helen has a different schedule from Craig and all the other kids caught a virus from Kit). Shawn is a character from Craig of the Creek.

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