Green eye color is amongst the rarest eye color, with only 1-2% of the world's population born with green eyes. While there is some disagreement to the actual order of which eye colors are the rarest, the following five are considered the finalists on nearly every list compiled on the subject. Amber, Violet/Red and Black are also extremely rare. Several factors could affect your eye color. It is categorically different from aching, stinging, or stabbing pains. To find out the difference, go to the natural lighting (during the daylight) and look at the eyes you’ll get to know whether they’re green, hazel, or brown eyes. They are something special because statistically, the number of blue-eyed people is dropping!The reason: When people with blue eye color reproduce with people with brown eyes, their children get brown eyes – because brown is genetically dominant and blue is recessive. Green eye color is amongst the rarest eye color, with only 1-2% of the world's population born with green eyes. The reason for green eye color is the production of moderate amounts of melanin.

Eyes have many meanings, and each eye color has a unique beauty that defines it from others. We can write pages and pages on their charming beauty. The only sticking point is they are sadly a little greedy.#ConverseXMiley CONVERSE collection available NOW on Counter to traditional belief; true black eyes do not exist. Weighing in at number five are green eyes being possessed by only about 2% of the world population. So the people blessed with green eyes, are considered to be sexy, seductive and also magical.

So the guy/girl have pure black color eyes, should considered as special and unique. Moreover, the brown-eyed people are considered practical and confident, aggressive and fearless.Some studies show that the people with brown eyes get out of bed ailing in the morning because they get decidedly lesser sleep, but too often they sleep poorly. Their only drawback is that they are supposed to judging and sometimes very stubborn.Blue eyes are considered to be one of the sexiest and most attractive eyes in the world. The woman with green eyes are very seductive, and the men will be at your feet. Have you ever wondered what skin complexion you have?

Gray eyes might seem to change between the shades of blue, green and gray, mainly because of the lighting changes.Blue eyes are quite common amongst people, especially those born in Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia. Eyes are powerful, and not just because of that creepy As you probably know, eye color is determined by the amount of melanin found in the iris. The eye color that can be described as the most common amongst human beings is brown, with the exception of countries around the Baltic Sea. They are more helpful and quiet types.They take love very sincerely, are wild and passionate. So a child could get the rarest eye color in the world – green – just by getting the right genes from the parents.Some of these genes include ASIP, TPCN2, SLC24A4, and TYR. Hazel colored eyes people are confident, independent and spontaneous.They are the risk-takers, daring and determined. The main reason for difference in the eye colors of individuals is the melanin content within the iris stroma. The green eye color originated from the Northern, Western, and Central Europe areas, and is gradually spreading. Dark brown eyes have originated from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, while the lighter shade of brown has originated from America, Europe, and West Asia. While they are somewhat shy and wary as a child, they are later considered extroverted personalities. We’ve answered the question “what’s the rarest eye color in the world”, now let’s look at the most common eye color in the world. A burning sensation is a pain so distinct that you feel it just by reading the words. People who have very dark brown irises might give the appearance of having black eyes.Another common eye color is hazel. They might be immigrants, and they also show themselves to be intelligent, responsible with fellow human beings who knows and respects their limits. People with brown eyes have many good qualities!They are considered attractive, creative and optimistic, independent and reliable. Brown Eyes. You may only be able to determine the pupil from the iris when looking at the eye with a bright light! It's often said that the rarest eye colors in the world are purple and/or red, and in a certain regard, this is true. The reason behind this eye color is low amounts of melanin within the iris stroma.

Because of this lack of pigment, light is bounced off the eyes and reflects the color of the eyes’ blood vessels, which is red-black.

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