May hover briefly above prey. Examples: cotton breathes thus permits body heat to escape while cooler air can circulate. Legs and feet are black. Eyes are yellow. Dives for fish and squid. Light phase adult has pale gray-brown head and underparts.

The belly and under tail coverts are white. Tail is brown with white edges. It feeds mostly on insects. Head appears black overall with white spot behind eye; cap is very dark green. Eastern populations are red-brown, Northwestern birds are more brown, and Western Interior birds are gray-brown.

Iridescent throat patch can appear purple, green or black. While soaring, they hold their wings in a V-shape and often tip "drunkenly" from side to side, sometimes causing the gray flight feathers to look silvery as they catch the light. Tail is black with white edges.

It feeds on aquatic insects and crustaceans. Tail is white with rust-brown wash. White belly and sides. Wings are black with two pale bars. Forked tail is dark green with black outer tail feathers.Western Tanager: Medium-sized tanager with brilliant red head, bright yellow body, black back, wings, and tail.

Swift direct flight.Black Guillemot Adult: Medium-sized seabird, black body with a large white wing patch and a dark, pointed bill. Bouyant fluttering flight on shallow wing beats. Dark gray back and nape.

Legs and feet are pale gray.Say's Phoebe: Medium-sized, active flycatcher with gray-brown upperparts and head, paler gray throat and upper breast, and pale rufous belly and undertail coverts. Flies in straight line or V formation.Clark's Grebe: Large grebe, gray-black upperparts, white underparts, and slender neck with white on front and black on back. Feeds on fish and invertebrates. Black crown, nape separated from gray-brown upperparts by whitish collar.
Both sexes are similar in appearance.Bar-tailed Godwit: This large shorebird has a long upcurved bill, scaled brown, black and gray mottled upperparts and pale red-brown underparts. Legs, feet are pink-brown. Tail is short. It has a black bill, legs and feet. Wings have white stripes visible in flight. Gray cheek patch is marked by a thin, black line.

Often soars like a raptor.Short-tailed Shearwater: This medium-sized shearwater has a dark brown body and traces of white in the center of the upperwings. Black with bright yellow throat pouch bordered with white feathers. Very active bird, nervous and restless while foraging. Swift, graceful flight, alternates several rapid, deep wing beats with long curving glides.Rock Wren: Medium wren with white-speckled gray upperparts, brown rump, white-over-black eye brow, white throat and breast with fine gray streaks, and buff-yellow flanks and belly. Swift direct flight when flushed.White-winged Tern: Small tern, black head, body, and underwing coverts; white rump, vent, upperwing coverts, and tail; flight feathers are pale gray. Sexes are similar.Calliope Hummingbird: Very small hummingbird, metallic green upperparts and flanks, white underparts. The sexes are similar.Lark Sparrow: Medium sparrow with streaked, gray-brown upperparts and buff underparts with black breast spot.

Hooked bill is dark, legs are pink. Dark wings with white wing bar. The face is black with a broken white eye-ring. Eats mostly insects in the summer.Sage Thrasher: Small thrasher, gray upperparts, dark-streaked white underparts with pale brown wash.
Direct flight with graceful, shallow wing beats.Sooty Tern: This medium-sized tern has long wings, a deeply forked tail, black crown, nape, and upperparts and a broad triangular white forehead patch. The light brown morph has pperparts  with black and white spots; dark upper-breast with yellow-brown banding; white lower-breast and belly with dark streaks; yellow eyes; greenish-gray bill.

Direct flight with quick upstrokes and slow downstrokes.Yellow-headed Blackbird: Medium-sized blackbird with black body, bright yellow hood and breast, and distinct white wing patches. Eats fish, crustaceans, jellyfish. The face is pale with finely streaked crown, crisp brown cheek patch, white eyestripe, and gray nape. Chevron-shaped white forehead patch extends behind eye.

Sexes are alike.Bell's Vireo: Small vireo, faint, broken eye-ring, thick, slightly flattened hooked bill, one or two faint wing bars.

Strong flight with shallow wing beats.Magnificent Frigatebird: Large black seabird, orange throat patch inflates into a huge bright red-orange balloon when in courtship display. The upperwings are gray with black primaries and white secondaries. Wings are dark with white stripes visible in flight. The sexes are similar.Snowy Plover: Small plover, pale brown upperparts, white underparts.

The male (shown in background) has a bronze-green back, bright red eyering, rump and underparts.

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