“I I am not sure why but the last six months I have been dizzy all the time I'm guessing it has to do with age since I'm now 61 and this helps it three times a day if I miss it I'll get dizzy”

The words turned into mush, completely illegible. This doesn't necessarily mean they are safe, but it usually comes with a longer relative history of use in humans with which to establish a safety profile. When exceeding approved doses, diphenhydramine produces powerful deliriant effects. Trip Reports - DPH. You will not trip, and you will not enjoy it. Each stripe was filled with words - letters completely filling each stripe in a single row. Last night was my first Dramamine trip. I have been experiencing this phenomenon when I smoke a lot of Marijuana, but this time it was extremely loud and pronounced.

My head now feels as if it is stuffed with wool, and I also have a slight headache.T+ 0:50 As I'm writing this sentence, I feel as if I'm coming up; feelings of pressure around my cheekbones, eyes, and sides of my nose have increased dramatically, my head is buzzing slightly as if I had just smoked cannabis (minus the euphoria), and I feel an increase of intra-ocular pressure, although these sensations are somewhat pleasant.T+ 1:00 - Time seems to have sped up, but I haven't experienced any other effects since my last update, except for a slight case of tinnitus.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. I entered the shower, and tried for the first time to try and read something, so I picked up bottles from around my shower. Tinnitus is gone, but vision is still altered; I see some objects vibrating when I look at them.

I can also confirm (in the name of science) that turbo-orgasms are indeed a phenomenon experienced while taking Dimenhydrinate.T+ 1:25 - I experience slight "waving" visual distortions when I stare at my wall or carpet, although it could be half placebo effect, but it seems consistent in strength and frequency, and it hasn't gone away. We promote harm reduction and fight against the drugs stigma. The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. I feel ever so slightly anxious and paranoid that my senses will soon be unreliable.T+ 0:40 - I'm noticing that I have a case of cottonmouth. I felt strongly that these words and the voice I kept hearing in regular sounds was the same entity. The trip proceeded to remain extremely enjoyable, nothing nightmarish, only bright, beautiful colors attached every object and place I explored.Then I decided to lay on the couch in my studio. I took 500mg.

I could also call upon any image, object or thing in my mind, and picture it vividly in front of me in the shower.

* I do not recommend taking this much of anything OTC.

(Post trip edit: There were no kids playing outside, which is completely obvious now, but it wasn't at the time. During the previous two weeks I had popped 3 E trips and life had seemed a little mundane since. Becomes a deliriant in high doses, keeping the user awake and often causing dysphoric, realistic hallucinations.Depressants are drugs which reduce arousal and stimulation in the user, characterised by a depressing of mental and physical functions.Deliriants are considered to be true hallucinogens, because the visuals they produce are hard or impossible to tell apart from reality; they are also known for negative physical effects.Common drugs are those which are well known and widely used among the drug community.

When I cracked it open, I thought I saw a shadow of a man standing outside, next to the wall adjoining my window. I am also hearing the occasional "beep", which I am absolutely sure is an auditory hallucination. I was probably heating the hum of my ceiling fan, but I couldn't determine that in my intoxicated state)T+ 1:10 - Pissing more than I'm drinking. The white noise of the water hitting the floor allows me to think generally much more uninhibited and clearly. Got home bout 10:30pm on a Monday, and decided to entertain myself by downing the 10 pack I had picked up at the urgent pharmacy.

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