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After the Giant War was finished, Percy made sure to make transportation between Camps Jupiter and Half-Blood relatively simple. He crouched above her and lifted her ass up, pounding into her from above and from behind. He gulped as he saw her bare pussy.

Meg moaned loudly letting it echo off the tile walls. Now he only felt silly. "Really?"). Story He practically assaulted her body with non-stop pleasure all over her body.The son of Poseidon finally relented for a minute, letting go of her.

Wanted him as deep inside her as he could.Apollo then slid a hand down from Meg's breast to her clit and began to rub it.
Her ass jiggled on his dick with every thrust.Percy turned her over onto her back and resumed his thrusting almost immediately. Apollo asked with a smirk as he removed his own apron. His thick meat speared inside of her, reshaping her tender walls. He's the biggest guy to ever fuck me. She was still wearing her military pyjama top and the combat boots.She cried out as he yanked on her ponytail, pulling her head back. Your review has been posted. "So, ready for another round?" Reyna buried her fingers in Percy's jet black hair.At the mention of Annabeth, Reyna's heart felt a sting. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

"Well sometimes you act like one" Kayla said with a smirk. It had only intensified after he started dating Annabeth, and they learned it was a shared fetish. They were sweaty from the hot oven, but enjoying themselves as they listened to Christmas music. "Its so big! "I know exactly what this is. (A lot of my opinions displayed in this are invalid.) She pushed a hand down in her pants and began to play with herself as she watched the couple.On the bed Meg was enjoying herself when she saw Kayla looking in on them and this got her even more excited. She pulled back and Apollo kissed and licked her face clean. + sparkles, because I can. for Percy Jackson Lemon Request. Tears of pain sparkled in her eyes as he rammed into her throat, blocking the passage of air.Percy didn't let up, knowing that Reyna thought this was all a dream, and if she didn't like this, she would probably do something to indicate her displeasure.Eventually, when Reyna looked like she was about to pass out, he stopped. Now that his dick was nice and wet, he slid it between her thighs, teasing her desperate lips, and then down to her asshole.He used her tits as handles as he began fucking her ass from above, loving the little moans she gave as she realized her pussy was going to be left unattended. "how should you know? He ran his hands along her thick thighs and over her firm ass, around to her juicy pussy and up her abs. The part of Reyna will be played by Marie Avgeropoulos. for Percy Jackson Lemon Request. "Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck," She whimpered, her hands opening and closing, reaching forward as he began speeding up.Reyna pushed Percy down onto the bed, tracing her hands along him. The room was filled with the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh as he rode her ass from behind hard, and her cries of pain and pleasure. Kayla asked as she was getting bundled up in her winter clothes. This set Meg off.Apollo shot off his load just mere seconds after Meg's climax.They laid there breathing hard trying to catch their breath. Meg asked with a smirk. He could feel his jizz building up and boiling inside of his testicles, and he felt that he was about to cum.

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