In the same manner as above, rubber ring 26, the second shelf 11, rubber ring 26, the second support 16, rubber ring 26, the third shelf 11, rubber ring 26 , The whole configuration while inserting the third support 16, the image of the rotary shaft 12. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations FREE Delivery. It is inconvenient to take out the goods on the front in order to take out the goods on the back of the shelf, and the parts except the specific parts are opened and the refrigerator is exposed to the atmosphere when the refrigerator door is opened. The present invention relates to a refrigerator, and in particular, the refrigerator compartment is formed in a circular shape and the shelf of the multi-stage is rotated by the rotating shaft, and the cooling outlet is formed on the rotating shaft supporting the rotating shelf. When the rotary shaft 12 and the support 16 is coupled as described above, the protrusion 22 of the rotary shaft 12 and the groove 23 of the support 16 are coupled so that the rotation shaft 12 is not idle. In order to reduce the appearance of the refrigerator, as shown in FIG. It is an object of the present invention to provide a refrigerator in which cold air outlets are formed by discharging cold air outlets on a support between a shelf and a shelf.The interior of the refrigerator is configured in a circular shape, and the shape of the refrigerator is preferably a square column type. The shelf supported by the rotating shaft and the support can be rotated and stopped regardless of whether the refrigerator is sealed or opened.The shelf should be stopped when the goods are taken out of the shelf.

Sep 28, 2015 - Vintage refrigerator with Lazy Susan shelves. The lower end of the rotating shaft 12 is the top of the refrigerating chamber (15).

air, within refrigerated spaces for circulating air, e.g. The present invention relates to a refrigerator, and a refrigerator having a plurality of shelves in a refrigerator compartment is formed in a circular shape and configured to stop, rotate the entire shelf, and rotate each shelf, and a refrigerator having a cooling outlet formed on a rotating shaft supporting the rotating shelf. The shelf 11 is coupled and the edge of the circular shelf 11 is formed with a jaw 18a that is bent upwards and is divided into a plurality of sections on the plane, and a plurality of jaws 18b are formed at the boundary thereof and the shelf 11 ) And the rubber ring 26 is inserted into the coupling portion of the support 16.When applying the refrigerator compartment 15 in the present invention in the circular refrigerator compartment 15 and the freezer compartment 24 of the refrigerator, if the diameter and length of the refrigerator compartment 15 is 40cm and 100cm to construct three shelves (11) If the first stage shelf 11 is formed close to the bottom surface of the refrigerating chamber 15, the first stage of the support 16 is formed on the first shelf 11, so the size of the first stage of the support 16 to the support 16 Was composed of 30 cm and three support 16 was coupled to the rotating shaft (12).The pedestal (not shown) of the first shelf 11 is configured to rotate together with the rotary shaft 12 so that the first shelf 11 does not generate friction on the wall below the refrigerating chamber 15.The shelf 11 and the supporter while advancing the rotating shaft 12 from the lower side of the refrigerating compartment 15 to the upper side in order to combine the respective shelves 11 and each support 16 and the rotation shaft 12 of the refrigerating compartment 15.

[Explanation of symbols on the main parts of the drawings]With reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments will be described in detail with respect to the present invention.The refrigerator of the present invention has a cylindrical body and an inner chamber formed in a cylindrical shape. Shelves & Racks (products) If you’re looking for a space to store books or an area to display photos and other decorations, here at The Range we have a wonderful variety of Shelves and Racks for your home or office. There is a problem.In consideration of the above problems, the present invention forms the inner chamber of the refrigerator in a circular shape, and forms a rotating shaft fixedly rotated at the bottom and the top of the refrigerator to form a plurality of shelves at regular intervals on the rotating shaft, and the shelves selectively rotate.

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