While they have pretty much the same care, they do have differences. As owning one as my first snake I’ve learned a lot and I am so glad I got one. As said in the Albinism in Kenyan sand boas presents itself as yellow, orange, cream, and pinkish-lavender scales and saddles. As always – below is a normal Kenyan sand boa, and then keep scrolling to check out the morph list! You should offer plenty of aspen ( about 5-7 inches ) so that they have room to “explore” the substrate and make many burrows. Ask the shop if hey are CB or not Occasionally, the saddles will have a pale pink hue too. Males generally are slightly smaller than females. if you cut a large enough hold and put mesh over it a che can be used. However, as is the case with most snakes – you should be careful when handling them, but we’ll get to that later.Another reason for Sand Boas being very beginner friendly is, of course, their size. We already mentioned their docile nature and small size, the only thing you should keep in your mind is the tank, and its specifications, which is also an easy task.When it comes to their housing, it’s best to keep it as natural as possible, mimicking those desert areas of Northeastern Africa. There are two subspecies which are recognized as being valid. Live prey can cause bite wounds, and that’s bad for your pet, so it’s best to stick to frozen/thawed food to prevent that from happening.Ideal feeding times are during the night, as the snake likes to rest during the day. This can be a problem for some snakes, so it’s best to keep it as dry as possible.With its reputation of being one of the best beginner snake pets, Kenyan Sand Boa is also very easy to breed. As explained in Over time, the Dodoma Kenyan sand boa may not only remain a morph, but evolve into a whole new subspecies. I would offer some climbing enrichment as well. They reside is areas close to wetter areas and can withstand a little bit of fluctuation. Saharan Sand Boa $ 45.00 Add to cart. Colored Amazon Tree Boa $ 80.00. Saharan sand boas (Gongylophis muelleri) or Müller’s sand boa are often mistaken for Kenyan sand boas. Pale pinks and sunset orange scales are interrupted by ink-like speckles of black. Currently, researchers recognize 13 different species in three taxonomic genuses. One lot of these reptiles were imported to the U.S. before the exportation of wild-caught snakes was made illegal in Tanzania.The Dodoma morph would have developed due to geographic and genetic isolation. Unless they display really aggressive behavior to each other from the get-go, it’s a good idea to just leave them on their own. Saharan Sand Boa. Sand Boas VS Hognose Snakes: Which Make Better Pets? The rest of its body is a very pale pink or cream.A yellow snow Kenyan sand boa has white scales and beautiful yellow saddles. These snakes had patterns that were distinctly different from those of the main Kenyan sand boa population. These snakes are native to parts of Northern Africa. )As with any reptile, there needs to be a cool side and a warm side. Meaning that the bottom third of the snake will be blank of saddles. These derpy little creatures are some of my favorite reptiles right now and I couldn’t imagine not owning one.

:(They get roughly the same size as Kenyans do; though male Saharans tend to be a few inches longer on average than male Kenyans. RE: Kenyan Sand Boa Collection - StevePerry, Apr 6, 2013. Make sure you provide 2-3” of sand for your boa to dig into. Or are they just selling Kenyan Sand boas as Mullers to make more money or simply a mistake?Does that mean that the ones in the pet shop are most likely WC?

Kenyan Sand Boa is a live-bearing species, meaning that they don’t lay eggs, which can be a big plus, especially for beginners.Your female will try to get as much heat exposure as possible, usually hanging close to your heater, trying to give some additional heat to her babies. pm me for info on their care.Ahhh thanks guys! Offer them, one by one, small pinky mouse and let them slowly grow and develop into adult pets.As for your female, you can expect a post-ovulation shed, and she probably won’t be too interested in eating after this period. If you are looking for a smaller, lesser know species to take care of, I 100% suggest these amazing little snakes.I am by no means an expert and you should not rely on just this as your research. Still, we expect one would cost a few hundred dollars.Another lesson in contradiction is the albino paradox Kenyan sand boa morph. Hi there im just doing my research on the many sand boas avaiable in the herp market and spotted the Saharan. On top of that, they don’t require any special treatment, which is a big plus when it comes to handling these pets.Kenyan Sand Boa is a beautiful creature with attractive colors and incredible behavior, making them very suitable for pet use. A dog’s recreational activity shouldn’t just be about fetching and taking walks. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.Kenyan Sand Boa: Facts, Lifespan, Care, Feeding, & Breeding This is actually three individual morphs bred into a single snake.

Instead of randomly-shaped blotches, the saddles become circular.This trait is also one that developed naturally in the wild. However, the most beautiful appearances and colors usually come from one of their morphs.As is the case with many snakes, East African Boas was also subject to a lot of morphing, especially after their rise in popularity within the pet community.

Their natural color is a creamy white body with yellow, orange and brown spots all over. As a matter of fact, they are relatively friendly species that doesn’t mind being handled.

Plants and logs are also necessary as Sand Boas are not climbing species.As for the substrate, even though their name may imply so – sand is actually not the best substrate. Baby Sand Boas are approximately 6” to 8” with adults reaching 24” to 36”. It can still cause impaction and aspen will hold burrows better anyway. Green tree python color 'morphs' vary based on their locality. In this case, the dominant trait (stripe morph) blends beautifully with a recessive trait (anerythristic morph).Anerythristic stripe Kenyan sand boas tend to cost a little more.
Please check often to make sure everything is okay.Their meal should be slightly larger or at least the same size as the widest part of their body.

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