The problem with long (suspension corrected) steel forks is they can flex rearward until breaking loads. DSTire clearance is also impressive for a carbon bike, especially with the option to run the stays at 415mm with a true 2.3" knobby.

AMThe shortest I ran the stays with a bigger tire was ~425mm and a 2.6" SE4 cleared just fine. Unfortunately, the drop-in bearing headset spec means there is no option to put in an angleset or else I could have found my happy place with a -2° headset, 150mm fork, and the stays run full long on a large frame.I think any complaints I have about the descending prowess of the Chameleon come down to what I'm used to. I love it but when thunking down tech trails I could go longer and slacker.I picked up some xtr m780’s cheap - looks like a shop grom took the proprietary rings off in a rush and when they went to replace discovered cost or availability wasn’t kind.I totally agree on geo. was very interesting hearing about your experience with the carbon wheels! It’s Darwinism in action.We took the fun-loving, shreddy spirit and adjustability of the beloved aluminum Chameleon and added a lighter, faster, more advanced version of the species. I have to say I'm disappointed that the Chameleon doesn't have the best-in-industry internal cable routing for which Santa Cruz is oft-heralded. The bike is lively and likes to be pedaled aggressively.

There are increasingly great options for 27+ rubber and what's more on-trend that running a 27" rear wheel with a 29" front wheel? I’m glad to see so much thought put into the dropouts- esp love the 142 SS option. That’s a pity, oval rings for SS and something I wouldn’t want to compromise on.That’s a great point, as I vastly prefer an Oval too. I just pressed a Works Angleset into one yesterday for a buddy  (-2*) and it improves descending and out of the saddle climbing if you’re looking for tweaks. An oval 32t will have chain contact with the stay. My first ride up the I actually shed a tear thinking that Santa Cruz had blown it with the carbon version of this bike. I enjoy the copper-brown and think up close it highlights the organic shapes of the frame. Don’t orient off the head tube decal - his was off centre.150mm DVO Diamond non-Boost so bike is going to climb and descend better with the change. We only email you when there’s something really, really good happening.You can always access these options at the bottom of every page.Casual tees, riding jerseys, and hats designed in-house. DSI removed them early in the test in favour of a set of wheels laced up with Race Face ARC aluminum hoops, with similarly sized tires, and the Chameleon frame immediately came alive. AMI went into a lot more detail on how the drop outs are adjusted in my There is a 142 x 12 single speed specific dropout kit available for those wanting to use their existing high-end single speed wheelset, but I'd suggest anyone going from scratch just build up a Boost wheelset and enjoy the future swap-ability.Using a Problem Solvers Zinger kit I used the stock XD Hope / Reserve wheelset for some of the test period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, frames purchased prior to May 1, 2015 are covered under the previously-existing warranty for five years from the original date of purchase.Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any Reserve rim made by Santa Cruz Bicycles that is damaged or destroyed by riding. It's one of those cases where the companies I'd buy a carbon rim from don't make i40 and the companies that make i40 I'm not interested in buying their rims.Might you have been happier with the reserve wheel in the back only?Or would have it still been uncomfortable just a little less so?Ah, see where you were going. The aftermarket Single Speed dropouts use an IS160 mountThis bike uses integrated headset cups. You can also mount a traditional 2-bolt waterbottle cage.Santa Cruz Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any frame or rigid fork made by Santa Cruz Bicycles it determines to be defective in materials or workmanship. Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more.This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads. Photo: Dave SmithCompared to today's bleeding edge geometry, the Chameleon's side profile almost looks classic NORBA. For example, wheelbase can be epic long as I’m always standing on steel switchback climbs anyways and a bike is much shorter when leaned over. As always, test ride - then decide.Due to the drive side chainstay being dropped, gearing options are unorthodox. I'd rather put that money into brakes and a fork. Photo: Andrew Major (AM)Single speed or geared, the Chameleon could be a freeride hardtail, gravel grinder, XC race bike for technical courses, bike packing adventure machine or even a dirt jumper.

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