While I did not feel the telescoping stock on the original SIG556 was particularly noteworthy, the side folding stock is. This is tied with the SCAR-H, and only behind the MK48 in terms of three hit kill range.

I fired 150 rounds during my first test session with no malfunctions. ACOG optical sights are designed for use with both eyes open, which allows very fast target acquisition in CQB mode.As I mentioned earlier I don’t normally use a vertical foregrip, but I did find it useful when I was shooting offhand at hanging plates at 100, 200, and 300 yards. For engagement at longer ranges, the post and chevron may be used without having to adjust elevation. As with FNH’s SCAR, this stock telescopes so that length of pull can be changed to fit different arm lengths and to adjust when body armor is worn, but it also folds to the side to keep overall length folded to 28 inches.

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Once the magazine change has been carried out, the bolt may be released using the cocking handle or via a button on the left side of the receiver. Once the SIG556 was introduced I saw things about it I liked. Although it allows the weapon to fire at 937 RPM overall, it comes with a lot of downsides. Certainly, if one uses the linked magazine feature for the SIG556, I would recommend this system for anyone who is right-handed. With Select Fire equipped, the SWAT-556's accuracy is more of a liability than a strength. I always carried the 550 or 552 with the left side magazine in the rifle so that when it was dry I pulled the magazine from the well, moved my hand slightly to the left and inserted the loaded magazine.

The coupling system on the 550 magazines and SIG556 magazines allows one to couple three or even more magazines, but I always found that more than two was unwieldy and added too much weight. The five-port flash suppressor is different from the 550’s but does the job just fine.The SIG556 that I had been waiting for is the SWAT model in flat dark earth with a side folding stock. That helped me shoot well with the SIG556/RCO combo.The cocking handle, safety, magazine release, and bolt release are all well located and allowed me to shoot the SIG556 SWAT smoothly and carry out magazine changes readily. In fact, the SIG556 combines the best features of three excellent carbines: the SIG 550, AR15, and AK47.I considered the SIG556 an excellent carbine, one of the best on the market. The SIG SAUER P556 is a popular choice for people who want to register a short-barreled rifle. Using the magazine change drill I described above for a pair of coupled magazines, it is faster to work the bolt release with the left thumb.The RCO employs a red chevron reticle, which I find very fast, especially when bringing the carbine up from the ready position, since I have learned to stop and engage as soon as the tip of the chevron is on target. The SIG 556 SWAT and Patrol models feature a hand guard that is an OEM 1913 rail system (not applicable to the Classic or Sports Configuration models). Need Help Filtering. I was glad that even a partial 550 would be readily available, but I was a bit skeptical. Select Fire is not recommended if one is only going to use the Full-Auto mode. With the stock folded, it is possible to operate the cocking handle and the trigger, but one cannot reach the magazine release button.The SIG556 SWAT comes with polymer 30-round magazines that can be coupled so that a spare magazine rides next to the one in the magazine well. 1; 2 > » (0) Hogue 55020 Rubber Grip Sig 556 Black Rubber $ 23.96. We kept them each with a pair of fully loaded 30-round magazines in place. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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