Two twin sisters, so similar in appearance, but so different in nature, go through life in different ways. Read More. I hope they do get a good ending with a love that only loves them for who they are, not for being each others shadows. 18:55 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 02 part 2/5 . I honestly didn’t want any of them to end up with P’Nuer for that reason, probably why I didn’t get so emotional over the ending lolOverall was an okay lakorn really, with a depressing ass story line. I find it weird that any mother would force their son to pretend to be a girl just to spite their father. <3 From the trailer, it looks like both twins fall in love with ML. The Song of Glory (2020) Eng Sub Watch Dramacool Video, You can watch best korean drama list on our website where you can find best korean drama with Eng Sub of all time and korean dramas on netflix and we are glad to say that our site is asian tv website for asian drama korian tv series. Of course, not the .srt files since i know these are hardsubs, but from your translation. Two twin sisters, so similar in … So thank you so much !rita love aey unconditionl thank u neko for subbing.Really appreciate your subbing for non Thai speaker,ThanksThank you Neko keep on doing the great job u r fightingSeeing Mai and Nuer like this, seems like destiny even knowing how it will all turn out because i’ve read spoilers lol. View all. Nevertheless, will wait patiently and watch anything you subbed. 25:08 [eng sub] sanaeha sunya khaen … English; Burmese ; Español; Native Title ... as always Taew and James have great chemistry and the songs in this lakorn just fit so right with the storyline. Thank u so much for the subs neko, fighting!Thank you for episode 4 translating I like this Lakorn a lot I know Neko is really busy with translating other dramas but I’m thankful for itcan’t wait for the twins to change to watch marina’s chemistry with gxxodyessss finally found eng sub for this one, thank you so much from brasil, neko!!

(by firefox)thank you neko for subbing this lakorn. cant wait to see next episodePra’ek is super handsome! And the more he resisted, the angrier and terrible her tricks became to quarrel the lovers. Duen is a capricious model and actress, she's not considerate of anybody's interests and feelings. some are saying 17 or 20, do you know??17eps! ElenaScott1328. Ranked #24647. Reviews: 0 users. Thanks in advance!Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thank u so much for all the hard work! I’ll give you the credits for that, of course. falling in love with male lead. Not her husband.Thank you for picking this up! (Source: MyDramaList) While Duen was in a scandalous relationship with a rock musician, Pit met Warit, a worthy young man who first was confused by the twins, but soon realized the difference between them. Your Rating: 0/10 # of Watchers: 193. Love it thank you! How many episodes it will have? I know you love lovey dovey rom-coms !

Parents like that should get over themselves.Well based on the flashback he’s her kidnapped and rapist. Buy on Amazon. Watchers 0. But I still hope for a happy ending for them and of couse, Aey. ❤️❤️The lead actress is excellent in her roles as woman and man. heellumination. 48:12 [eng sub] sanaeha sunya khaen episode 06 part 2/2. Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Production Information.

Add to List. heellumination. Was this review helpful to you? 52:39 [ENG SUB] Game Sanaeha (เกมเสน่หา) EP 9 Part 1 2. I’m so glad you picked this up, I am so so so so grateful!Thanks for subbing this one for all to enjoy. The Song of Glory (2020) Eng Sub Watch Dramacool Video You can bookmark our site … !I love you sooooo much for subbing this your the besttttt !!! The first episode was really good, it looks like a solid lakorn. Hope there is no serious sibling’s rivalry in this. Cheering you on for all your projects!Thanks Neko for picking up this one. N/A. I feel sad every time siblings fight for the same guy knowing only one can get him. Can anyone give me a clear synopsis of what this lakorn is about? Duen, tired of the elderly uncle, switched her attention to the nephew. I really like the two brothers but the weirdest story lines I’ve watched Just finished watching this entire lakorn and wow… I’m surprised I didn’t drop it half way through lol This has to be one of the weirdest story lines I’ve watched in a lakorn so far.Not gonna lie, both Mai and Aey really got on my nerves (oh I didn’t forget about the mother and their evil family looking for a freaking heir), especially the pre-plastic surgery versions ! Thank you for episode 5! Her expressions are convincing.

by the way, this one here is pure fire omg.Yes, things are moving now, i just pity Mai so much, the whole family including the mother are evil. Props to you Neko for pulling through ! I understand if you don’t. Fighting!Thank you so much for the subs!

Recommendations. There have been no recommendations submitted. Completed English Sub as of February 29, 2020 Total Episodes : 17 Eps Airing Date : 10th January 2020 – 15th February 2020 (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Synopsis TEASER FEATURED SONGS เบาๆในใจ/ Bao Bao Nai Jai (Softly inside my heart) by Marina Balenciaga สุดท้ายเหลือเพียงคำว่ารัก / Sut Tai Leua Piang Kam Wa Rak (At the end, there’s only the word “love” left) by Alyn ใจอ่อนแอ / Jai On Ae (Weak … !Gxxod is reminding me so much of Push in this one, I hope the twins get a happy ending and be nice to each other, their life wasn’t kind to them by far :/ always living in each others shadows.thank you for subbing this!! She is cute too.Hi neko thanks for subing this drama and other dramas really thanks.i finally learned how to watch netu videos. 20:30 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 04 part 3/5. Song Sanaeha (2020) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. HDThai. Popularity #7120. Add Recommendations. I’d love to read a little something about the story line just so I can understand what kind of lakorn this is. love gxxod and marina.thank you so much for subbing this for us, not many subbers would pick up such a nice project, fighting!

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