Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid Any brushing, aesthetic trimming, or sculpting of the coat that alters natural appearance is to be severely penalized. Services Socialization does not end with the completion of Kindergarten Puppy Classes, like any skill, mastery is a product of constant practice. However, they do require open spaces and daily exercise which keeps them happy, content, and fulfilled.Portuguese water dogs are also perfect for adventurous individuals in search of an affectionate and furry friend and are known to make great walking or jogging companions. The …

“Rustic” is the word often used to describe the overall look of this sturdy dog of medium size (a male will stand a little under 20 inches at the shoulder).While some owners do encounter occasional food allergies with their Spanish Water Dogs, the breed should do well on a high-quality The most important basic guidelines for a properly groomed Spanish Water Dog are that the coat is never to be brushed, and it should be the same length all over. 1


Disqualification – Smooth or wavy coat.The unique look of these inexhaustible workers begins with the coat. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Spanish Water Dog puppy (or Spanish Water Dog puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clubs

Once we have a litter, puppy updates can be found on our Facebook page. Toes are tight and well arched.The hindquarters give an impression of strength and energetic impulsion. Aspencove has the honor of having a MBIIS show foundation bitch , many multi group placing , and double digit show champions … Disqualification – Smooth or wavy coat. All puppies must be picked up in person by their new families. Traditionally, the Spanish Water Dog was sheared one time per year (with the sheep), the same length all over. Browse By Topic Hock joint is well let down. These dogs are very loyal to their owners but can be quite wary of strangers. Stifle is well bent.

We are currently members of the PWDCA and the PPPCA.

Our goal is for your puppy and you to have a rich and full life together.
We pride ourselves in our healthy, happy, intelligent dogs […] The upper arm and scapula form approximately a 90-degree angle. Legs are straight, and strong with moderate bone. Whether it is the reusable ones that go in the wash, or the disposable ones, your girl should be wearing a diaper until her vulva is 100% back to normal. The Spanish Water Dog will be in heat the same length as any other dog.

The average length of a heat cycle is 3 weeks, however it can be up to 40 days. Please contact us for further information. Feet are round and compact. If a Rosebud Portie sounds like it could be the right breed for you,

Legs are straight, and strong with moderate bone.

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