Now that you’ve fully serviced your Harley Sportster, you can take the opportunity to check all of the safety features on the bike. Next Video: Belt DeflectionUnless you have a kick-start, you’ll need a battery to get your Harley started and to keep it functional. Make sure that you are referencing the correct model number for your Harley Davidson. Once your finished with the service, get out and ride!Bob and Mark demonstrate the professional technique for finding the tight spot in a Sportster’s rear wheel belt. I did the adjustment to my steering head today. Forums > General Tech Harley Davidson > Wheels > What are the Symptoms of Incorrectly Adjusted Steering Head? Harley Davidson Forums. The issue of fall off or fall-away is rather subjective. 303 28 3. Game on – Ride & Rock On. Repeat the process until you continuously achieve the same approximate measurement.To make the Harley steering head adjustment, loosen the upper pinch bolts. Bob shows us that tools are only part of…Sportster Maintenance can also bring comfort. Sad, but, it is what it is. Turning in only small increments will make big changes in adjustment. Discussion in 'Wheels' started by RibEye, Jan 25, 2012. Harley Davidson Forums. To make the Harley steering head adjustment, loosen the upper pinch bolts. The Honda Goldwing bikes, for example, are very sensitive to the adjustment on the steering head. A loose adjustment will cause wobble on deceleration or at high speeds. 10,494 Posts . The 2009 Touring Bike … Remember, over-tightening can be just as bad as a loose adjustment. Gents, The self-help area is gone.

The Milwaukee Eight Softail and Touring model inspection process is different than Twin Cam and prior models. Of course, other problems can create front-end wobbles.

After removing the fork instrument bezel, tachometer, speedometer and plastic pieces on the forks I am at a standstill. We have been to almost every Harley-Davidson rally in this great country and…Bob and Mark demonstrate the best way to empty fork oil from your Sportster’s front fork sliders and replace it with new oil. Turning in only small increments will make big changes in adjustment. 1,023 68 80. Our experts also walk through proper belt services and adjustment on Harley rear shocks. Then you should check the throttle, add oil and fill the tires to the correct level. How To Adjust Steering Head Bearings The Cheater Way - YouTube Remember, over-tightening can be just as bad as a loose adjustment.After Harley steering head bearing adjustment is correct, tighten pinch bolts and torque them to factory specifications. Go for a test ride. Make sure the lights are working properly, the horn makes noise, turn signals are operational, and all grommets are in place. The adjustment process has also changed. In addition, you’ll receive sixteen video downloads, access to GOLD member LIVE events, and so much more! Before starting, it is very important to look in the factory service manual for the correct adjustment for your specific model.

Then, tighten or loosen the adjustment by turning the center adjuster with a T45 torx bit. Anytime. Sounds like it went well and the Hollister City Council has signed a 10-year agreement to host the rally every July.
Start by removing the front side panels to have access to the pinch bolts on the upper tree.

By far the most common symptom of loose steering-head bearings is the classic front fork shake when decelerating from approximately 45 to 35 mph, usually when you've got a relaxed grip on the handlebars. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > RibEye Senior Member.

Here’s any easy way to get more hours in the saddle. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Retrop Active Member. In this video, Bob and Mark show you how to adjust the neck bearing, or steering stem, on a Road King or Touring model.They demonstrate basic lubrication maintenance and the technique for removing and cleaning parts of the bearing and carefully reinstalling them.I hit a 3in pot hole when I started to stop I felt the front of the bike and handle bars moving forward and backwards while I engaged and release of front breakHarley tools are not only specialty tools like JIMS and Kent Moore but many that you have in your garage already. Incorrect Harley steering head adjustment is a common reason for wobble on a Harley Davidson.
Mike demonstrates the inspection and adjustment procedure on the Milwaukee Eight Heritage Softail. The true test for this adjustment is on the street. Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Retrop, May 4, 2010. Now, gently pull on the scale to measure how many foot pounds of force it takes to turn the front end until it is straightforward. You should do this without a rider or passenger and with the bike in neutral. As always, Bob stresses the importance of adequately prepping all bolts, consulting your user manual to be sure everything is done correctly, covering any painted areas on the bike and, if possible, working with two sets of hands.Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account Like any other service, you should clean all of the parts that you remove with parts cleaner to ensure that your bike operates smoothly between services.

Reinstall the side panels and the procedure is completed.

Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 19, 2009. Harley steering head inspection and adjustment is an important service point on a major service that should never be overlooked. It's unfortunate that Harley really doesn't address the adjustment of the steering head bearings in a more consistent way. Bob shares some tips on Harley battery replacement and upkeep.Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for lubricating your Harley’s steering head bearings and adjusting the fall-away. But if no obvious cause is forthcoming, suspect the steering-head adjustment.

You can slide a punch into the end of the front axle where you can clip the fish scale. Then, tighten or loosen the adjustment by turning the center adjuster with a T45 torx bit.

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