Based in Boone County, West Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains, Though Jesco also pops up from time to time for interviews, and is a constant presence in the film due to his place in redneck culture, the main presence in the documentary is his sister, the larger-than-life Mamie White. This is the Official Fan Page for The Wild And Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.

The last time we heard from Jesco was 2016 when he endorsed the 10th season of the cartoon Jesco and Alida have been married for six years and Like her brother, the family’s reigning matriarch also voiced a character on Sue Bob has been arrested several times after the filming of However, she had outstanding warrants for her previous arrest in Kentucky and was taken in to custody. It helps to explain some of the reasons behind the bluster and “I don’t give a f**k” attitude espoused by Mamie and her sisters.Nevertheless, the self-destructiveness depicted in the documentary is jaw-dropping, with Jesco’s niece Kirk losing a newborn child to protective services, leading to a mini-drama of her going to court and then rehab in order to get the child back.

Based in Boone County, West Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains, the family is simultaneously worshipped as local celebrities by their poverty-level …

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(Shockingly, Bertie Mae suffers a stroke within the time period of the documentary, and her funeral is presented onscreen by the filmmakers. Now, eight years later, people who watched The 61-year-old son of the late D. Ray and Bertie Mae split from his second wife Norma in 2009. By being on disability, the Whites don’t have to be employed.

Ona Fontaine White - 1951-1971 - daughter of D. Ray and Bertie; murdered by ex-husband … After doing a bit of time for drug-related offenses in West Virginia, Poney fled with his family to become a house-painter in Minnesota, a prosaic kind of rural life that seems worlds apart from the crime, self-loathing and “Rebel” lip service espoused by the rest of the clan.But his kids recount in their interviews how they were abused and insulted in school, sometimes by teachers, simply because of their infamous family name, and that most of the clan is ostracized from the regular job market (or at least what remains of it, given the severe economic depression of the region) because of their backwoods notoriety. She now faces charges of not only obstructing an officer but also three charges of possession of a controlled substance, as she had drugs on her at the time.In Touch Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.In Touch Weekly is part of the American Media Entertainment Group. It’s a wild ride with the family known as “Appalachian royalty” and, according to musician Hank Williams III, “the true rebels of the South.” It’s also a can’t-look-away freakshow that meshes perfectly with the aesthetic of the Notorious, nonconformist and strangely charismatic, the White clan originated from patriarch D. Ray White, who fathered 13 children before being shot in a fight in the 1980s. In fact, most of the interviews captured by Nitzberg and his crew are with the women of the White clan, which gives the impression of a backwoods matriarchy, ruled over by the relatively sedate Bertie Mae, the elderly widow of D. Ray and mother of Mamie and Jesco.

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)A side-trip to visit the sole member of the clan who seems to have escaped their Appalachian valley, Jesco’s brother Poney, reveals a bit more. She does, though it’s only a temporary ray of sunshine in the otherwise sad and depressing, but compellingly watchable tale.With rural America on everyone’s mind following last year’s election, But if you’re looking for a more nuanced, if still fictionalized, portrait of redneck America, two not-quite-horror exploitation whatsits definitely fit the bill. He’s most well-known as “the Dancing Outlaw,” an American folk entertainer and mountain dancer. The story of Jesco White, the “Dancing Outlaw,” was originally told in a pair of short PBS documentaries that profiled the West Virginia-born mountain dancer, his turbulent personal life and his improbable fame and unlikely place in American pop culture. The 2009 feature-length documentary Taking Jesco and his late father, D. Ray White, the originator of their style of mountain dancing, as a jumping-off point, Nitzberg and his crew followed the extended White clan for a year, using their unfiltered access to capture a broad panoply of working class, rural Americana. The White family has been hailed as America’s last outlaw family, which is exactly why the creators of The extended members of the White family have made a living off of welfare by claiming psychiatric disabilities.

Viewers watched as Jesco White, Sue Bob White, Kirk White, Brandon Poe, and other members of the family went in and out of institutions, did jail …

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