This channel was owned by Unspeakable but it was named to ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN (or ASWD). He also liked playing with Before his main channel was created, Nathan made a channel called "Mr. Gaming 1000" but he deleted it, calling it "stupid" and he made another channel which is his main channel today, January 21, he created his first server "24/7 Minecraft Subscriber Server" and posted a video about it on the same date. This year was crazy from Unspeakable's YouTube career. He also opened himself to play some more games besides Minecraft. Mine resources while running and use them to construct the island base. Unspeakable and MooseCraft left the Proper Productions and make their own group with fellow friend Get caught up in epic runner adventures and help Unspeakable rebuild his base and escape his island neighbors! He also launched a new server LegacyMC ( But Unspeakable misspelled the name and turned out, they named the snowman "Marget".

When he was 6-8 years old, he joined the boy scouts, and at that time, he was into playing video games too, in particular, on his GameBoy. Also, this channel talks only about ASWD as he goes on his crazy stories with his brother, Jerry and his Fish (He also doesn't play Minecraft unlike Unspeakable). Faceoff against bosses who live and run on their own island locations: the Marshland, Dark Forest, Metal Mines and Endless Desert! Unspeakable also moved out of Dallas with Moose and he moved to his hometown, Houston, TX. On 27 May 2020, Unspeakable made this channel to show what happened behind the camera when they are not making a vlog for his vlogging channel.

On March 25 when the "Unspeakable" channel hit 3M subscribers. View the profiles of people named Gabe James. I had a great time with everyone.” Join Facebook to connect with Gabe James and others you may know. On February 21, 2018, Gabe would make his first ever appearance in a vlog video in the video T-REX DINOSAUR PRANK! He would ask for new video games on every Christmas day and birthday. In the 1880s, an heir to the vast Jameson Irish Whiskey fortune bought a 10-year-old girl just so he could draw her being eaten by cannibals.

One of them is COD where he started to post videos of them last November 4. He called his microphone "Mike the Mic". He died July 28, 2019. A visitation will be from 6-7 pm. He received his first-ever Silver Play Button from YouTube last March 25 and vlogged it. When he uploaded another episode of the said series, the viewers' comment and suggested to name his mic, Mike. Race against Unspeakable's scores and catch up to his run achievements. And before 2017 ends, December 19, Unspeakable's main channel hit 1 billion views. On Unspeakable's Minecraft Survival on v1.0.0, he was inspired by a YouTuber who has googly eyes on the microphone. The journey was ostensibly to bring supplies to Emin Pasha, the leader of an Ottoman province in Sudan that was cut off by a revolt.In reality, the expedition had a second purpose: to annex more land for the Belgian Free State colony in the Congo.It was on this expedition that James Jameson would commit his unspeakable crime.Varying accounts exist of the incident, from Jameson’s They also say that Jameson were dealing directly with Tippu Tip, a slave trader and local fixer.According to Assad Farran, a Sudanese translator on the trip, Jameson expressed interest in seeing cannibalism first hand.Farran would later tell Stanley, when he returned to check up on the rear column, his account of the events, and would later recount them in an affidavit that was published by the He said that Tippu then talked to the chiefs of the village and produced a 10-year-old slave girl, who Jameson paid six handkerchiefs for.According to a translator, the chiefs then said to their villagers, “This is a present from a white man, who wishes to see her eaten.”“The girl was tied to a tree,” said Farran, “the natives sharpened their knives the while.

One of them then stabbed her twice in the belly.”In James Jameson’s own diary he then wrote, “Three men then ran forward, and began to cut up the body of the girl; finally her head was cut off, and not a particle remained, each man taking his piece away down the river to wash it.”Both of them also agree on another count: the girl never screamed throughout the ordeal.“The most extraordinary thing was that the girl never uttered a sound, nor struggled, until she fell,” wrote Jameson.“Jameson, in the meantime, made rough sketches of the horrible scenes,” recounted Farrad in his later testimony. Use all your abilities to chase and defeat the kings of these islands! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nathan is gradually making his presence felt in other social media platforms as well with his Twitter account having more than 63K followers and his Instagram account having over 137K followers. Then on April 6, 2019, James would make his first appearance in an Unspeakable video in the video Unspeakable has had a couple of servers including his newest, ChaseCraft (IP

Unspeakable and Shark had an Island Survival and they decided to spawn a snowman. (New Types Of TNT!) “Jameson afterward went to his tent, where he finished his sketches in watercolors.”In his own diary, Jameson oddly doesn’t even fully deny making these drawings, writing, “When I went home I tried to make some small sketches of the scene while still fresh in my memory.”In his account in his diary and his wife’s later account of the incident, the two attempt to play it off as though Jameson went along with the proceedings because he believed it be a joke, and could not imagine that the villagers would actually kill and eat a child.However, this account fails to explain why Jameson would pay exactly six handkerchiefs, likely an amount he would have had to procure, for something he didn’t believe would happen.It also fails to explain why he even attempted to sketch the horrifying event after the murder.Likely, the account of his crime is true, but James Jameson never faced justice. Want to see how you match up to a YouTube Minecrafter? On June 23, 2018, he stopped making videos and became inactive. The most James families were found in the UK in 1891.

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