Watch Forensic Files to find out...""In Niantic, CT a woman is found dead in her home while her husband is out on a sailing trip.


6:00am Just For Laughs Gags Teetering on Hysterics. Watch Forensic Files to find out...""In Niantic, CT a woman is found dead in her home while her husband is out on a sailing trip. And later, the guys discover that the Old Man is a bit of a hoarder, but it's what he's hoa"A 2,000-year-old shekel of Tyre comes into the store and a pair of engraved Colt pistols from the 1860s. 12:30pm Cheaters. 9:00am 7:30am "As Andy is looking through Helen's old newspaper clippings, he finds one of her being taken to jail by the police. 5:00am Paid Program.
6:00am ... ES.TV. 3:30am The station runs Independent programming. ""Baron Frankenstein escapes from the guillotine and goes to Germany. Then, Rick and the Old Man check out a pair of engraved Colt pistols from the 1860s.When one woman's drowning death in Pennsylvania triggers another investigation into a woman's eerily similar death in North Carolina, medical examiners must determine if the women drowned or were in fact murdered.A 34-year-old nurse, who had been experiencing a variety of flu-like symptoms with no discernible explanation, is diagnosed as HIV-positive, and further investigation reveals that the method in which she contracted the disease was no accident.The best minds and technology are brought together to reveal the latest edge of forensics.A woman is found dead in her home while her husband is on a sailing trip. 6:00pm 3:00pm ""Barney's overzealous policing enrages the people of Mayberry. 10:00pm DATE. 11:00am 6:30am Dog Robber: Part 2 When a Naval aviator, on his own initiative, destroys the captured PC-3 Orion with missiles fired from an F-18 Hornet, Harm has to keep the incident from sparking a … Sign up for the 5:30am Right This Minute. 2:00am

3:30pm 9:00pm

Printable Schedule PDF. DATE. ""Andy counsels a Mayberry couple who are constantly bickering with each other ""Andy becomes suspicious when a record promoter comes to town to gather material for a folk music album.

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