But every time I take a pregnancy test It come up negative. Some of the abnormal discharges in the early pregnancy include the following:A yellowish discharge can be an indication that you have an infection in your cervix or an inflammation in the vagina. I have been cramping with discharge but no other symptoms such as nausea or breast pain. Quick recoveryMagnificent goods from you, man. The yellow discharge usually shows the presence of white blood cells and other inflammatory cells in your discharge. This is because, if you are expecting a child, you may need to be very observant to know the earliest signs of pregnancy. The bleeding flows down the cervix to the vagina and is released out as a blood discharge. Would it be thick, white, and stringy? Could I be pregnant my period due around May 7Hi , some days after my ovulation I started seeing this stretchy discharge with heavy boobs and my expected day for period is 29th but I saw blood today 2nd of May. Please help!Hi… I just recently started to see like creamy thick discharge from my vagina and I had the last time I had sex was on the 29th of may and 6th of June am meant to see my period today… I’ve been having cramps and feeling gassy for the past week… Haven’t taken a pregnancy test because I’m scared of what the result may be… My period app tells me that my ovulation date was on the 24th of mayHello…so I had unprotected sex during my ovulation phase, and I had my periods a few days after…I am now having white watery and milky discharge. The signs and symptoms of pregnancy may vary from one woman to another according how active your hormones may be and how healthy you are to enable hormones to carry their activities efficiently.A pregnancy discharge can range from blood, to clear mucus, to watery discharge, and even a creamy white discharge. It is normal in early pregnancy, but there can be instances where this fluid is a signal that warrants further medical attention.

This is extremely common and natural to experience vaginal discharge during your early pregnancy time. Some people hardly tell when they are ovulatingBe patient or take pregnancy test if you have been meeting your boyfriendPls i had my ovulation starting on d 14th of june 2018, had unprotected sex dat same day. I hv cramps like d one mentioned above and also d milky discharge. What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like? What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like? I usually have an irregular period (now having 43 days length). Then I have been getting morning sickness for a couple days then it stopped. I’m so anxious to get pregnant but also petrified at the same time. Here, the inner part of the cervix is visible to the vagina. I’m hoping for details explanation. The test may invalid as i dont know when the line indicates positive pregnancy appear or it can be false positive. For example, while implantation is taking place in the first week of pregnancy expect to see some blood sheds on your panty or panty liner which indicates that an egg is getting attached to the uterine wall so that it can start to grow into a baby.Other reasons why you have a discharge while you get pregnant are because:All these are normal discharges and they feel sticky, stringy or sometimes heavy.According to research done by doctors all over the world, a normal discharge in your early days of pregnancy should be thin, milky white or creamy white, in others cases clear white. Yesterday and today I am having some brown discharge. However two months ago we had blood test run and my fsh levels were low not drastically but low and my fmd hasn’t sent me for more blood work.. During early pregnancy, changes in cervical mucus can be subtle. After you become pregnant, you might notice an increase in your usual discharge (called leukorrhea), thanks to more estrogen in your system and an increase in blood flow.

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