ActiveRain, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content in these profiles, Your "watch cat" is on the prowl for anything out of the ordinary.Toni-I am finding I am doing that more and more. Since you and your grandfather experienced this together, I would also see it as a way the two of you connect on a spiritual level.Your email address will not be published.

The turtle carries the wisdom of the ages. Part of that message is that life happens in perfect time with the Universe—divine timing. Raleigh Cary Realty - Raleigh, NC She is sacred to Kumpira, the God of fishers and sailors.I love reading these things. They’re one of my favorite as well – they are also full of wisdom. 20+ Years Selling Homes in New Port Richey, FL A turtle sighting is all about grounding, balance, a slower pace, emotional understanding, and ancient wisdom. Because Flint was a god and he could not die, he was made to live on Turtle Island.

He placed the mud on the back of the Big Turtle which became known as Turtle Island and this land began to grow and expand.
He made plants and filled the world with things that would be useful to humans. Part of that message is that life happens in perfect time with the Universe—divine timing.

Do you feel a sense of validation only when you are “crazy busy?” Is your world upside down, and you need help setting things right? This grounding is the best way to protect yourself and to stay focused on the present. A dead turtle in your dream is a reminder for you to be open to others. For entertainment purposes only. When the Turtle appears in your dreams, Spirit may be inviting you to take a magnificent journey ~ so that you can come to know yourself better. thanksHi Janet: What a wonderful memory and connection to turtles. That’s a lot of turtle sightings! If you have an older home, your garage door opening may be something other than standard. Sapling created animals and flowing rivers and filled them with fish that had no bones. If you are turtle clan, or turtle is your totem animal or spirit guide then ask your shaman for an interpretation. If its head faces inside the house, the turtle become a neck – pulled turtle, hard to go forward in business. Yes i did see a turtle on tv least night. Upon sharing that news with her husband, he fell into a rage and ripped out the only tree on the island, leaving a big hole.When the Sky Woman peered into the hole, she saw only water below. We cannot separate ourselves from Mother and how we affect the planet any more so than Turtle can detach its shell.Because Turtle’s belly has 13 sections, Native American custom aligns this creature with the mysterious full moon that appears 13 times a year.Celtic mystics tell us that Turtle stands guard over the entry to the world of the Fey. Required fields are marked * Know that the Universe is supporting you on your journey, just like the waves of the ocean support the journey of the Turtle, this is the lesson of trust that Turtle has come to help you with. He also encourages you to find peace of mind and become one with your environment.If you have the turtle as your spirit or totem animal, he’s encouraging you to take time from your busy schedule for grounding. Additionally, Turtle & Tortoise carry its ‘home’ on its back.

©2002-2020 Outlook Amusements, Inc. All Rights Reserved.This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best browsing experience. Being a grounding energy is all about remaining balanced even when there are changes around you. They both filled the land with their creations. Japan has similar high praise for Turtle. Can you believe that I sat here and answered all your comments individually and when I reach Steve's #16, I lost the whole thing. For entertainment purposes only. Know when to retreat for your own safety or peace of mind. The Little Toad was the most successful as he was carrying mud in his mouth. Wish I could remember more of them. Click to Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL I don't have time to redo them but I will catch up with you later.What's the reason you're reporting this blog entry?Are you sure you want to report this blog entry as spam?Disclaimer: ActiveRain, Inc. does not necessarily endorse the real estate agents, loan officers and brokers listed on this site. When you have a turtle sighting, it means that all good things come if you are patient and stay the course. Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance - Jonesborough, TN Encyclopedia's? He made plants and filled the world with things that would be useful to humans. That is the meaning of a turtle sighting.As an earthen energy, the turtle is a grounding energy. Turtle soup is delicious. Celts esteemed the Turtle’s senses, steady methodology and their art often depicts Turtle as an emblem of fertility. Alternatively, when turtle symbolism appears in your life, it may be a signal that you need to ground yourself and your energy to Earth. You pace yourself, savoring the moment to moment blessings. Vision Quest Realty - Lewisburg, WV Cosmological traditions speak of a World Turtle that either supports the heavens or transports the Earth safely on Her back. If anything Turtle is dynamic, particularly when connecting with water. Hence, for some of us, childhood can be a terrifying journey. These cold-blooded members of the lizard family come in all sizes which can be as small as a fingertip or as large as 2,000 pounds. She was practically pointing and jumping up and down to warn us of an intruder.I Googled this: Turtle at front door-good luck or bad. Seeming to have no worries, Turtle plods along at a pace all Her own. New Port Richey-Tarpon Springs-Trinity-Hudson Before Google people looked for signs from nature, animals, clouds, leaves, waves. In this, Turtle can come to you as a reminder to use your own head. - And I love your fall-themed background you set for your blog, really brings me into a fall mood!Hi Everyone, thank you for all the great turtle comments. As one of the first animals on the Earth, Turtle Totem has the ability to express abundant wisdom and dig deep into the Greater Mysteries.The calmer speed of Turtle’s life doesn’t mean its boring. They are one as the Turtle cannot leave its shell. Each kind of turtle made from different materials to put in the face of different azimuth.

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