Why does Sarty think Major de Spain's barn is safe from Abner's wrath? What value is most important to Abner Snopes? Sarty jumps into a ditch and then returns to the road. Honesty. How is Emily able to avoid continuing paying taxes?Through the sheer force of her will and character, Emily shows the town's authorities that she will not pay taxes.What is the town's general opinion of the Grierson family?The family is generally too haughty and condescending for the neighbors.For what event in his daughter Emily's life do the townspeople blame Emily's father?He drove off all of Emily's suitors, so she became a spinster as an adult.What is the term Faulkner uses to describe the impossibility that "[a] Grierson would not think seriously of a Northerner, a day laborer" (NAAL9D p.768), when Emily begins to be seen driving about town with Homer Barron, a Northern construction foreman?What is peculiar about Emily's purchase of arsenic at the pharmacy?She doesn't care what kind of drug she buys and she won't say for what it will be used.When the townspeople learn that Emily has purchased arsenic, for what purpose do they believe she has obtained the chemical?What does Emily's faithful black manservant do after her death?When the townspeople force open the door to the locked room in the attic of Emily's house after her death, what do they learn about her?Women in the Old South of "good family" were often expected to be paragons of virtue and respectability and were given special treatment as "ladies." Prufrock insists that "there will be more time", because he is trying to convince himself that he actually does have enough time and that he can avoid the question for as long as he wants even though he is running out of time.In the opening stanza, Prufrock declares that he will "lead you to an overwhelming question" but never articulates the actual question (line 10). Corruption In Barn Burning 1834 Words | 8 Pages. Question 1: At one point in "Barn Burning," Sarty thinks that "maybe" his father "couldn't help but be" what he is (par.40) What is Abner Snopes? This quote occurs after Sarty and his family have been forced yet again to leave a community after his father engaged in arson.

She realizes how alone physically and emotionally she is.Which of the following best describes Dave's work situation?The little money he earns working as a farmhand for a white landowner is paid directly to his parents, who decide how it will be spent.Joe, the white store owner, sells Dave a used pistol cheaper than he can buy one anywhere else.Which of the following best describes Dave's home situation?His parents are unwilling to treat Dave as an adult, yet they are frustrated by his childish behavior.Which of the following is NOT something Dave imagines doing with the gun?Why does Dave's mother ultimately relent and give Dave the money to buy the gun?She wants Dave to give it to his father to protect the family.What does Dave hit when he fires the gun for the first time?What story does Dave invent about how the mule, Jenny, died?She went wild and caught herself on the plow's blade.How does the crowd react to Dave's confession that he accidentally shot Jenny?At the end of the story, Dave's parents and Mr. Hawkins try to make Dave take responsibility for the accident that has occurred. According to Carl Sandburg's biological information, his poetic aim was to:"Chicago" and "Fog" are similar by sharing what focus? Assignment: Read "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner and answer questions #1,2,3 on page 138. That he is letting him off with a warning . Q. Snopes is an influential, towering presence in Sartoris’s eyes, but he himself is simply a primitive, thoughtless force of violence and destruction. What racial stereotypes or racial codes serve as "hints" in the story about the two characters' race? Abner Snopes, a rebellious sharecropper with a Barn Burning past, is the main character who acts as antagonist in the story while being a victim in his mind. This stiffness makes him seem almost less than human, and Faulkner often characterizes Snopes in metallic terms, portraying him as ironlike, cut from tin, a mechanical presence whose lack of emotion underscores his compromised sense of morality.

I want to slaughter something—give pain, give death to what, I do not know" (NAAL9D p.535).When does Hurston feel it's an advantage to be "colored"?How does Hurston feel about being considered both American and "colored"?How does Hurston feel when she experiences racial discrimination?Which of the following adjectives best describes the Ritz bar when Charlie Wales visits at the beginning of the story?When Charlie first sees Marion and Lincoln Peters, he announces that his income is now larger than it was in the 1920s. He has come a long way. Because her family was considered to be of important and higher than others, her father believed that no man was good enough for his daughter.

In the story it conveys the exact opposite. How is he regarded in the town?Homer is very similar to Miss Emily. How do you see these attitudes at work in this story? She was looking for the love and appreciation that she never received from her abusive father.
That night, the family camps. family. Her sister, an unmarried woman, may not have had much choice in her situation, either.
De Spain has treated Abner better than previous landlords. De Spain is right behind him, about to run him over.

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