collection 2 - from reading lolita in tehran, from persepolis 2Which sentence in this excerpt from frances hodgson burnett’s a little princess shows indirect characterization?

Which sentence is a claim that is both arguable and defensible?A. "it will be a great privilege to have charge of such a beautiful and promising child, captain crewe," she said, taking sara's hand and stroking it. Correct answers: 2 question: Which sentence is an example of an arguable and defensible claim? she had large, cold, fishy eyes, and a large, cold, fishy smile. Mobile phones can be used for good or evil.D. Giving children mobile phones can protect them in emergencies.B. b. the solution to the stray cat problem is aggressive spay and neuter policies. a clever child is a great treasure in an establishment like mine. glen canyon was alive. It is both arguable and defensible C. it is neither arguable nor defensible D. It is defensible but not arguable 55 Views

You will receive an answer to the email. b. Which statement is an example of a claim that should be revised to make it more defensible?A) Meditation has health benefitsB) Aliens have visited EarthC) The Civil War was destructiveD) Nutrition is important to child development. which word best contributes to the author’s sad tone? but the man skilled in all ways of contending, satisfied by the great bow's look and heft, like a musician, like a harper, when with quiet hand upon his instrument he draws between his thumb and forefinger a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly odysseus in one motion strung the bow. Correct answers: 2 question: Which claim is both arguable and defensible? lake powell is a graveyard. a. there are many stray cats in urban areas. It is defensible but not arguable. f...Question sent to expert. according to this excerpt, how has odysseus changed over the course of his adventure?How is the rhetoric that both authors use effective in conveying their points of view? If f (3) = 9, what is f (1) a) 1 b) 3 cWhy did the portuguese trading empire fall by 1500? she had heard a great many desirable things of the young soldier from the lady who had recommended her school to him. b. finishing college takes effort and perseverance. c. cat overpopulation leads to sad consequences.

"What does"after getting my report card i knew it was time to hit the books meanWhich claim is both arguable and defensible? explain with evidence from the texts. Children should not be given mobile phones. Synonyms for arguable at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for arguable. A. Read the excerpt from the odyssey. It A (giving children mobile phones can protect them in emergencies) on ApexDigital devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, video games have adversely affected the good habitAn article in CQ Researcher states, "more than 111 million Americans use mobile phones-more than one-thirdHenrietta works with a software company that develops operating systems for mobile phones. A. aye how much for a gram of crack my homie jeremy needs it he is a horn dog.By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. c. healy care should be available to everyone d. stealing an automobile is against the law You can refuse to use cookies by setting the necessary parameters in your browser.C.Students should be required to volunteer in their community.By arguable, meaning it depends on the person's perspective not facts but opinions. Its arguable but not defensible B. it was just then that miss minchin entered the room. "lady meredith has told me of her unusual cleverness.

O C. d. opinions are divided on what to do about stray cats and there is little common ground.

a. ancient trees are afraid of logging equipment. The difference between the present reservoir, with its silent sterile shores and debris-choked side canyons, and the original glen canyon, is the difference between death and life. The death penalty is legal in 32 states, but that number is shrinking O B. among other things, she had heard that he was a rich father who was willing to spend a great deal of money on his little daughter. Question 21 of 25 2 points which sentence is a claim that is both arguable and defensible? a. ancient trees are afraid of logging equipment. Which sentence is a claim that is both arguable and defensible? a. dogs and cats are popular pets in the united states b. rocks have the same emotions as people. b. mobile phones are bad for most individuals, especially children. is that correct german grammar?The price of a graphing calculator is $80 the sales tax is 7% what is the total cost of the calculatorA sequence is defined by the recursive function f (n + 1) = 1/3f (n) . she was very like her house, sara felt: tall and dull, and respectable and ugly. it spread itself into a very large smile when she saw sara and captain crewe. Mobile phones are bad for most individuals, especially children.C.

Central claim: The death penalty should be abolished because it is too expensive, Which reason best supports the central claim? Many law enforcement agencies support ending the death penalty for various reasons. Her team developedGive your opinion on the following statement: Mobile phones have changed our lifestyle forever, yet notWhat are the reason for not allowing students to bring mobile phones to school?Die haben keinen stuhl. o c. children should not be given mobile phones, d. … d. shoplifting is illegal and wrong. c. students should be required to volunteer in their community. eduhawks November 29, 2019 Assignment Help Comments Off on Read this claim: The voting age should be lowered to 16 Which statement about the claim is true? o a. giving children mobile phones can protect them in emergencies.

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