The Free City did not live up to their hopes, however, and rather than being a safe haven it became their slaughterhouse.Triss Merigold, with whom you, dear reader, are already well acquainted, decided to evacuate all mages still alive to a place far removed from the front lines - Kovir. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. I turned it off for this part and it worked out. You don't need to actually have her with you (but you might miss a bit of dialogue). Some rats run away but a bunch just pile up on Triss until they see me and chase me around to no avail. I've been staring at walls and analyzing dark corners with witcher … The Corridor after that has … Wait quietly when Triss warns you to hide from patrols on the way there.What you find inside depends on your actions so far – if you stopped to save Berthold and Annise, you’ll need to battle three Witch Hunters. Secondary quest Now or Never (14) ... - Find a way to cross the rats' feeding ground. BUG , rats in sewers are super strong, and kill me in 1 second with enemy scaling option ON During Triss escort mission in sewers when mages are escaping, rats are killing me in 1 second, and it takes 3 hits per rat to kill just one with best gear at the moment. Each of whom wipes out half of a level 17 Geralt's health-bar with each tiny little bite. Making me assume I was just doing something wrong and there was some trick to it. This site © 2020 ReedPop. She’s in the middle of a confrontation with her hosts when you arrive; you can do and say whatever you want regarding this matter, but it is imperative that you Now that you’ve agreed to help, Triss will ask your opinion on a tricky matter: should you rescue two missing mages, potentially putting the whole group at risk, or go straight to the Kingfisher and continue without them? Battle a few more Drowners, and move down into the rat room. There are only two paths out of this area; the east one is a dead end you should visit to clear out the Drowners, but the path you ultimately want leads south.In the chamber beyond, take the west path and continue on, following your HorsePS along the linear route until you start to spot corpses. Also, the rats are very deadly, but it has to do with difficulty level it seems. Save before you start; there are several annoying bugs in here that will block progress if triggered, such as Triss blocking the path forward or failing to accompany you.Head north through a gate and then a ramp in a tunnel, curving around until you battle a couple of Drowners. The part with the rats, the rats don't go away. I can confirm that turning enemy upscaling to off completely solved the problem! There is an invincible one. Have a chat with Dijkstra, and then kill the six Witch Hunters who attempt to ruin your day,When Triss says goodbye, you have one brief opportunity to secure her as your romance option. Enter the north-easternmost house in the search area, inside of which you'll find a corpse. Iirc you don't really have to fight any rats in the rat room, you have to find places to put the incense in 4 places near the holes with rat droppings (use witcher senses to find them), then talk to Triss who casts a spell and drives them out. © Valve Corporation. The ♥♥♥♥ing level 18 rats glitched out somehow. 6. I've been staring at walls and analyzing dark corners with witcher-sense. The thought was unbearable, so before it could overwhelm him, instead of bidding her farewell, he asked her to stay. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. OBS: Det här ska BARA användas för att anmäla spam, reklam och problematiska (trakasserande, bråkiga eller grova) inlägg. looks like only true witcher ballers get this glitch. The part with the rats, the rats don't go away. The rats won't go away and triss just stands there fighting the rats. The Witcher 3: Now or Never Now or Never is the second quest required to romance Triss Merigold and to secure her help for Brothers in Arms: Velen in … Hi, just wanted to say that I had this problem on New Game+, so I had level 35 rats with no upscaling. Making me assume I was just doing something wrong and there was some trick to it. To my surprise, these ended up not being your typical rats - you know, the wimpy level 1-2 rats that you can simply sneeze on. Well, while adventuring through the sewers for the final segment of the quest "Now or Never", Triss and I came across the rats' feeding grounds. Every door is inacessible once you get down to that area. En del geografisk data på denna hemsida tillhandahålls av looks like only true witcher ballers get this glitch.
Suggested level: 14 Group: Secondary Quests ... / Find a way to cross the rats' feeding ground. Tried changing to easiest difficulty, but still cannot progress past the rats.

I've been staring at walls and analyzing dark corners with witcher …

Their flight from the Eternal Fire had been the last flicker of the fires of their mutual affection.You may also be interested in something from the list below. Use Vampire Oil to prepare for the fight, and equip Black Blood if you fancy it.With Triss to help you the battle with the Katakan isn’t too hard; any time things get worrying, roll as far away as you can and let her draw its attention, then go paddle its backside.When the beast is down, continue on and out of the tunnels to the docks. What you find inside depends on your ... forward through the iron gate to a room filled with rats.

You know as I was uploading this I realized something - I have enemy upscaling on.

This was no simple task, and so the sorceress asked the witcher for help. Meet Dijkstra at the port. Bombs do not work, igni does not work. Each of whom wipes out half of a level 17 Geralt's health-bar with each tiny little bite.

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